Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday drive... or not

Some people go for Sunday Drives (Sunday Drivers), Dave and I go for Sunday Beach Walks. Don't get me wrong, we've been known to go for a few Sunday Drives here and there but we prefer going for our usual Sunday evening beach walks. In the picture below, in the very far distance (and if you click on the picture, it'll enlarge) you can see the Saulnierville Sacred Heart Church.

When we had our cabin we collected these floating thingies. We had over 50 of them hanging in a tree outside the cabin. But now we leave them behind for some other collector.

Do I need to explain... the heatwave we had last week is gone ! Can you tell from our red noses and jackets zipped-up. But no matter how cool it was... it was a fabulously beautiful sunny day.

Happy Monday tomorrow and happy October !

The Art of Living

This afternoon I attended a two-hour conference on The Art of Living at the Yarmouth Hospital. The conference was given by Dr. Sastry Vankamamidi and our hostess was Dr. Parkash. Dr. Sastry is a professor of engineering at Saint Mary's University and a certified teacher for the Art of Living program. To wrap it up in one sentence - it is ancient breathing techniques for modern day stresses. This was just the intro to an 18 hour workshop that Dr. Parkash is hoping to organize for the Yarmouth area. The way we breath is a major factor in our mental and physical health.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Summer sizzle

What a gorgeous week we just had. Days jam-packed with sun, warmth and song birds. Is it end of September or mid-July... Today it was 30 in land. As you can see in the picture above, Harvest Harvey was enjoying the afternoon sun.

A hole in the forest ! I've wanted to take this picture since this summer but always forgot my camera at home. Today, I grabbed the camera just as I was leaving for work. It looks exactly like a hole. It's actually the entry to one of the trails on campus where I work. The way the trees and brushes form a circle is so outstanding.

While cooking supper on the BBQ tonight, Dave and I taste tested one of the beer we bought in Halifax on the weekend at the Garrison Brewing Company. The one in the glass above was the Irish Red... not bad tasting at all.

Happy Friday tomorrow !!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


What do you do with so many plums...

We have a young plum tree out back on our property that we planted only about 3 years ago and you should see the overload of plums it produces. Last night, Dave and I harvested three bags full and we left about the same amount on the ground for the birds and small game to feed on.

So now that we stuffed ourselves on tomatoes, we'll be eating plums for a few days...

We also have this gorgeous crabapple tree.

And here is my first outdoors harvest decoration for this season.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fallen for Fall

I've fallen for Fall a long time ago...

Lately I've read a few blogs that shows the author's love for the Fall season. I am one of them. Fall is my most favorite season. I can't think of another one that even comes close to it. I love everything about Fall. However, here are a few things I love the most :

- the crisp cool air.
- the smell of composting leaves.
- the views that open up when the leaves come down.
- pumpkins.

- the Harvest moon.
- that warm humble feeling.
- Sunday drives down country roads.
- baking.
- getting ready for hibernation.

Happy Fall !!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


We went to Halifax for a couple of days. Dave had a meeting, i went along for the ride and Ginette joined us from Moncton. It was a fun two days. We went to see Drum last night. It was fabulous. I am so happy Ginette had suggested we go. We visited a micro-brewery - the Garrison Brewing Company (sorry no pictures, but we brought back six micro-beers).

Below - a picture of Halifax harbour taken from our hotel room.

We did so much shopping that we had to rest our poor little feet before we head out for supper last evening.
We can't go to Halifax without slipping into Pete's Frootique for a few exotic items. Below is a picture of Dave and Ginette outside the Frootique.

When Dave was a little boy his family lived in Halifax for a while. His father was the caretaker at Saint Paul's Church (pictured below). Dave was happy to re-visit his younger days grounds.

Then, sadly we had to bid our farewells to Ginette as she headed back to Moncton and us to Clare.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

One tonne challenge

Cleaning my magazine rack last evening I found my booklet I had acquired from the Canadian Government on the One tonne challenge they had issued in 2004.

At the time the government was urging Canadians to :

- take public transit more often - i live in a very rural area; we only have one single taxi so public transit other then that taxi is out of the question.... at least in my lifetime. I use my bike as often as I can.
- idle vehicles less - i've never idled my vehicle and never will. Sometimes in the dead of winter, i'll idle for no more then 5 minutes. However, i'm as guilty as anyone else - i go through the Tim Horton's drive thru a few times a week.
- use programmable thermostats - sorry.
- seal windows with caulking and weather-stripping - we do, even before the one-tonne challenge.
- compost - i was composting before it became a trend. At the time, the village people looked at me kinda strange with what I was doing with my food scraps.
- support green energy - i support it, wish I could afford to transform my 200 year old home.
- water and energy conservation - i do my best and at times... more then my best. With the challenge, we replaced all lightbulbs in the house with the energy savers. We got rid of the dishwasher. I do laundry on a need basis. Never, ever will I use water to wash the car, water the lawn or gardens.
- purchase electronics that are labeled with Energy Star logo - no electronics but we bought a window with the Energy Star logo. First window purchase in 27 years... there will be more in the coming year.
- recycle - Stephen Harper, do you need to ask. It's me, the recycle maniac at the wheel. That's why i'm the Frenchy Addict - i reuse clothes that are already out there. Nova Scotia is known to be on top of the list in Canada for good behavior and Canada (so they say) is tops in the world.

The biggest decision we made for the challenge was get rid of one car. We made do with only one vehicle.

In the summer, we grow our own organic fruits and veggies. We buy as local as possible. No pesticides on our property - all homemade insecticides for our veggie gardens.

Most important of all - WE RESPECT MOTHER EARTH !!! If we take something away from her, we give something back.

I know, i know, i don't usually write a whole bunch of stuff on my blog. I prefer pictures to writing but I felt this needed to be shared (and please note, most of this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion).

I will leave you with the statement that I hear way too often and that runs chills down my spine everytime I hear it "do you actually think that the little bit I will do is going to help". DARN YES - have you ever heard the saying "every little bit helps" !!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One day weekend

Worked Friday til 10 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. so it pretty much was a one day weekend but I can't complain... I love my job so working most of the weekend a few times a year is nothing to complain about.

One can still do a lot in one day - we went for groceries in Yarmouth at noon, had a mid-afternoon nap, made supper and went for more seaweed for our gardens.

Below - can you spot Dave ?

There's Dave again...

Wishing everyone a happy Monday tomorrow !

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tomato overflow

Up to this past weekend I was worried that the many, many green tomatoes in my garden were not going to ripe in time before the cool weather hit. But my fears are no more. We harvest a basket full of tomatoes every second day. We have to-ma-to in almost every dish we cook, we have them whole in our lunch bags, we give some away...

If we still have green tomatoes on the weekend I will make green tomato salsa and process the ripe ones for winter consumption.

Big white

It looks enormous but I think it's the angle to which it was taken that makes it look monsterously huge. Yes, this is our brand new fridge that was delivered tonight. Our old one died of old age.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I love her so much

For many, many years (almost for the 22 years she's been on the air) I've watched and admired her.... I'm speaking of Oprah. Today was her 22nd season premiere and I was glued to my television set at 5 p.m. waiting in anticipation. She was in NYC. Nice show but I was a little disappointed in her choice of guests. I mean after all - a season premiere plus in NYC....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wind power

When we got up this morning we knew it was a perfect day to go on a bike excursion. After a nice brunch at Around the Bend (Dave, Luc and I) and many suggestions, we decided on the beautiful acadian village of Pubnico-Ouest (Yarmouth County). Dave and I are no strangers to this community but we've never went on our bikes. We parked the car at the elementary school and rode 10 km to the Pubnico Point Wind Farm. There are 17 wind turbines on this site - very impressive.

Below - Dave on his bike in the bottom left of the picture.

After a few pictures, rehydration and a power bar we headed back on our 10 km return. We made a few stops on our way back. We had our lunch in the Saint Michel's Church cemetery. For those that don't know.... I love visiting cemeteries. I've visited almost every cemetery in South West Nova Scotia.

Then off we go again. This time we stopped at the Musée acadien. We wanted to visit the Potager acadien (acadian garden).

And so that was our bike excursion for this weekend. Tomorrow we are hoping for fair weather so we can go to the beach and get a few more buckets of seaweed for the gardens.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Just for the ride

We jaunted over to Yarmouth tonight and guess who came along... just for the ride !

Monday, September 3, 2007

Rock climbing

This afternoon, we went rock climbing in Bear Cove. One word to describe the adventure - fabulous ! Nice sunny day but very windy, making it a little chilly.

As I said.... it was very windy.

What a fun day.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wharf Rat Rally

After Yarmouth (farmers' market, groceries, lunch), when all the groceries where put away we still had energy to spare so Dave and I headed in the other direction - towards Digby. To the Wharf Rat Rally. This is the third year for this event. It's ALL about motorcycles and I mean a lot of motorcycles. Some said the unofficial number is 4,000, others say 7,000. And I don't mean people.... 7,000 bikes ! They close off the main street in Digby for displaying the bikes. It's amazing.

Below - And I was complaining I had a big rat in my flower garden earlier this summer. This one is the world champ. But he got caught.... mine did'nt.

Dave and Luc with said rat.

Two following pictures - a very small portion of the bikes.

Our son, Luc was playing music at the bandstand. There he is, on the right with the grey t-shirt.