Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My kind of beauty

Yesterday morning we got up to not a speck of snow on the ground. It started snowing (huge fluffy flakes) at around 11 a.m. and in four hours this is what it looked like outside... BEAUTIFUL !!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Finally, it looks like the season we are suppose to be in. Today was a picture perfect day outside. After I cleaned the chicken coop I walked around in the backyard and here is what I saw :

Three curious ladies - Anysie, Aimée and Antoinette

We've had cold temps the past couple of weeks and with the windchill factor it always feels a little more crisp doesn't it. I love snow ! A nice covering of snow makes everything so quiet and peaceful. The chickens were happy to have a clean coop and especially happy to spend some time outside taking in fresh air. They must be happy because they are still laying each an egg per day.

It's been pretty quiet around here since Christmas. Seems this time of year is slower for us; we go into a sort of hibernation.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas traditions

Like a lot of you out there we have our own family traditions such as lobster for supper Christmas Eve, watching a movie together after the opening of the gifts Christmas Eve, traditional wild rabbit meat pie the eve of Christmas Eve, etc. One tradition I have for myself is to get one new album of Christmas music each year. I got this one this year and man is it ever good. Thank you Ginette ! Usually the Christmas music is stored away in its usual spot the day after Christmas but this one I'm still listening to.


I've mentioned countless times how much I love nature and pretty much every creature you find out there. Birds being right up there with dragonflies and lady bugs. I haven't posted frenchy's finds lately (actually in a very long time) so here are a few of my latest finds at Frenchy's...

Last summer we bought straw from a local market to put between our potatoe rows and there must have been hay in there somewheres because we got plenty of wheat. It was a pest in the garden but sure looks pretty in this antique pitcher I found about a month ago at Frenchy's.

A mama bird with her baby; love, love. And my favorite color... how lucky am I.

There are two candle holders in this picture. The double-one in the background I found last year at Frenchy's but the one in front I found last weekend. It holds my beeswax candle perfectly.