Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby animals :: Canada Geese

About 1 km from our home is this beautiful lake - Clare Lake. This is what we saw on our way to Yarmouth tonight... Baby animals are so cute and a joy to watch with their parents (just like real babies).

(You might have to click to enlarge if you want to see the perfect line formation the babies were forming behing their mom and dad.

On today's agenda

We were blessed with another lovely Saturday. Seems this year we have more outside chores than usual. Good thing we LOVE working outside. The chicken coop itself is finished. Dave is working on the final step - construction of the fenced-in area and I have to paint the inside.

I bought the outside wooden rocking chair below from my SIL's father. Before I was able to put in my order for one he had stopped making them and this week he said he still had three and that he would sell me one if I still wanted one... well, yes I did ! Needs primer and I'm thinking a bright mustard yellow.

While sitting in said rocking chair on our back deck this is the view we have ...

(Can you see the chicken coop behind the perenial garden). Sitting in that rocking, enjoying a cold glass of sun tea and watching the chickens rumage around.... oh my.

While Dave was working on the coop, I cleared the bed for the scarlet runners. So now everything except the cukes are planted. The two rows of peas I planted last Monday have sprouted.

What shall we do tomorrow ?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

In a days work


I was put on this Earth to work outside. Today was proof of just that : seedlings outside to get used to the wind (yes, with all that beautiful sun today we had wind); cold drinks; trying to identify a new species of bird in the backyard (I'm checking books); weeding, weeding and more weeding; more cold drinks; my handy carpenter working at finishing the chicken coop.

This my friends was all in a days work and tomorrow promises more of the same.

Close your eyes...

... and take in the delicious aroma of these trees. I've told you before and I'll just mention it again - the campus at the university where I work is a site of beauty.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stay-cation :: Smuggler's Cove

Dave and I are proud of our quiet little community. We love it here, it's our little hidden gem. I'm going to try something new here. At least once a month, I'll feature a favorite spot of ours (within 100 km from home). Let's call it ''Stay-cation''. We don't have to travel far to see beauty.

Let's start with Smuggler's Cove in Meteghan (10 km). Read more about it here. In the past 34 years, Dave and I have spent countless hours walking around this provincial park and going down the many, many steps down to the cove and coming back up those many steps. You can catch some of the world's most beautiful sunsets here.

We went tonight for the first time this season. To our surprise the steps are under repairs and we were faced with a baracade and a warning sign but we wanted to go all the way down so we figured out a way (I should say ''Dave'' figured out a way).

Reel mower and garden sticks

Look what my thoughtful husband came home with the other day - yup, a reel mower; part of my anniversary gift from him (along with a generous gift certificate in my card). Said mower has been used a few times already and it works like a charm (I must state here that the reel mower will not be used for our entire property, that's way too much lawn).

Remember when Dave was picking all those sticks on the beach last week? This is what they are being turned into - painted garden sticks (you might have to click on the picture to enlarge if you want to see them properly). I got the idea from here. We still have a few more to add...

Angélique tulip from the garden.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The chicks are here

They are only one day old. Dave and I picked them up after work this afternoon. I love the chirping sound they make. They are in their box, under their heat lamp in the kitchen (the newsprint you see there did'nt stay for long. Dave went and got some wood shavings. No way those cuties are living in a box lined with poison).

Oh, if Puss could see them. Maybe it's best not, he would turn into a hunter.

The Green Guru

Last Saturday was the graduation at the university where I work. We presented an honorary doctorate to Dr. David Suzuki. For the past 25 years + I've been watching this amazing person on television, listening to him on radio and reading his books. Meeting him in person was on my bucket list and last weekend it happened. His speech was spectacular; very inspiring.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday drivers

I hope all mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. It was such a nice sunny day around here that Dave took me for a sunday drive in the backroads. He knows how much these slow driving outings mean to me and he also knows exactly when I need one of these outings.

You never know what you'll see in the woods ...

It always makes me sad to see old abandoned homes going to nothing.

When I was a little girl my dad would stop at this pure spring often and after he died it was many, many years that I did'nt go so I forgot where it was. Last year my brother and SIL took my niece and I for a wilderness drive and showed us the Spring. What wonderful memories and now Dave and I stop everytime we go by to fill up our water vessels.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonight at the beach

Dave and I went for a nice walk along the shore in Church Point tonight.

Picking up driftwood sticks for an upcoming garden project... pictures coming soon.



Wind turbine on the university campus.

Smelling the flowers

So many beautiful vibrant colors around the grounds where I work.

Love :: in so many ways

Something I love doing :: gardening

Last Sunday I planted shallots and onions. As well as, carrots and celery.

Something I am trying to love :: sushi

My third attempt at sushi last weekend. I'm loving it more and more every time.

Something I know I will love :: chicken coop

My handy carpenter's knee is all well and healed so today Dave insulated the outside walls of the coop (I might start calling this the Chicken Mansion).

What love is all about :: Happy 31st anniversary to my favorite carpenter.

This man let's me be ''myself'', he sees no fault in anyone, is funny, very talented musician and artist, loves his two kids with all his heart... he's my best friend.