Saturday, May 29, 2010

On today's agenda

We were blessed with another lovely Saturday. Seems this year we have more outside chores than usual. Good thing we LOVE working outside. The chicken coop itself is finished. Dave is working on the final step - construction of the fenced-in area and I have to paint the inside.

I bought the outside wooden rocking chair below from my SIL's father. Before I was able to put in my order for one he had stopped making them and this week he said he still had three and that he would sell me one if I still wanted one... well, yes I did ! Needs primer and I'm thinking a bright mustard yellow.

While sitting in said rocking chair on our back deck this is the view we have ...

(Can you see the chicken coop behind the perenial garden). Sitting in that rocking, enjoying a cold glass of sun tea and watching the chickens rumage around.... oh my.

While Dave was working on the coop, I cleared the bed for the scarlet runners. So now everything except the cukes are planted. The two rows of peas I planted last Monday have sprouted.

What shall we do tomorrow ?

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