Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend love-ness

Weather-wise the weekend was nice. Although we did'nt get an abundance of sunshine we also did'nt get rain for two whole days in a row. Even on vacation, weekends to me feel so special - a time for relaxing and making things happen.

The two pictures that follow show Dave gathering wedding decorations for our daughter's upcoming wedding at the end of August.

Saturday we went to Comeau's Farm Market to buy raspberry canes. The ones that are growing in our fruit garden at the moment are three years old and we only harvested a handful of berries this year. We will plant another variety and see what that gives us in a couple of years up the road.

Beautiful sitting area at the farmer's market.

Lighthouse in Belliveau's Cove and decorations for the upcoming Acadian Festival that starts later this week.

Yesterday we enjoyed our lunch (clam burger and fries) yum :-) at the Saulnierville Wharf...

... where we ended up giving part of our lunch away to these two feral cats.

We also went to this salvage yard - ''there's everything but the kitchen sink'' ! well you can even find the kitchen sink at this interesting and popular place.

Happy week everyone !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 : Wet and bread

Vacation Day number 3 - weather wise it was a repeat of yesterday except (if it's possible) with more rain; much more. We had a downpour during the night and early morning.

We were left with water everywhere...

Tomatoes are doing well.

Since I had to plan on staying inside most of the day, I baked bread. I also continued the decluterring of closets and bedrooms.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2 :: Relaxing

My second day of vacation was pretty much the same as day 1 - yoga in the morning, closet cleaning and laundry and in the afternoon a bit of relaxing in the hippie chair/hammock.

The sun showed up for about an hour after lunch but the day was still perfect. Who the heck would complain while on vacation anyways...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation :: Day 1

My first vacation day was wonderful. I was all by myself at home, did laundry and hung it outside, did some light housework, a short yoga routine, had a bowl of oats with peanut butter and had a cup of tea outside - all in the morning.

I had a bit of this nice mellow white wine. See that nice linen tablecloth ? I bought it yesterday for $1 at a yard sale. It was hand stitched by the lady of the house but sadly this wonderfully talented lady had to be put into a health care facility and the family was clearing the house.

I hate wasting so late afternoon I made an ice-coffee with the leftover coffee from this morning.

Had a small fire going in the pit on the back deck.

We decided to go take a few pictures of the beautiful sunset we were having...

... let's hope this means another beautiful day tomorrow !

Festivities will soon be on their way in Clare with the start of the Acadian Festival.

Down time

Starting today I'm on vacation for 5 weeks (I have to go back for a few days in August but that's not a big deal). June and most of July have been wet and grey weather wise but this morning I got up at my usual time, 6 a.m. to a beautiful sunrise.

Ginette was home for the weekend so I don't have to tell you that our weekend was fabulous.

I'm off to put more laundry outside to air dry. Hope everyone is enjoying doing something they love.

Let's keep in touch shall we !

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Local tourists

Dave always says that if you're 30km from home - you are considered a tourist. So today we went to the Yarmouth Lighthouse which is about 50 km from home so we were tourists.

We had lunch in their ''Mug Up'' tearoom. I had a giant lobster sandwich and Dave had a bowl of fish chowder. Both were delicious.

Yup, that's real blue sky you're seeing there in the pictures. The rain stopped and the sun came out today. Like most of Eastern Canada and the New England states - we've had our share of rain lately.

Am I going to circus school

Remember at the beginning of the year when I mentioned that this year was a special one for me. I turn 50 in November and I am making a list (said list is on the fridge) of ''special'' gifts to myself during 2009. So far on the list, water rafting, a one week yoga retreat and I am seriously thinking of learning how to build a teepee and putting one up in the field in back of our home. Yesterday we went to Halifax and zooming through on the highway, what do I see in the corner of my eye-Circus School. It has since been added to my list. And they even have a combined acrobat/yoga workshop.

I'm not thinking of quiting my day job yet but this would be so awesome as a workshop just for the weekend.

I'm not using turning 50 as an excuse to act in strange ways, do silly things or attrack attention to myself but this is right up my ally.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada's Birthday

We are so lucky to be able to call Canada home. You only have to watch the evening news for an hour and you will quickly come to the conclusion that Canada is one great country to live in. My only wish right now is that the rain would stop for a while and the sun would come out.

At 8 a.m. this morning Luc (left) and his friend Sylvain (right) left for their much anticipated vacation to Maine. Please keep them in your thoughts that they are safe on those highways.

This morning Dave and I went to a U-Pick strawberries. I needed 12 baskets - make jam (not freezer, we prefer the regular jam), freeze some whole for pies and smoothies, eat some every day for a week, desserts and other stuff that we'll think about I'm sure. Those strawberries up there, they're not from the U-Pick. They're from our own garden. And those little black specs you see on the berries, they're not bugs it's dirt (did I mention how much it's been raining in these parts). Our 14 little canes that we planted just last summer are supplying us with a daily feed of berries.

I must leave you with this funny image I took this evening. These are all mailboxes for various bills. I guess the owner doesn't like getting his hydro bills... (click on image to enlarge).

Two families

Two weeks ago when Ginette was home to talk wedding stuff she had a mishap with her Toyota Matrix. In plain words - it broke down while she was here. So she went back to Moncton on the Digby/St. John ferry and her fiancé was on the other side to pick her up. We kept the car and had it repaired at the dealership in Yarmouth. Dave and I went to Moncton late last week to deliver the car to its ''happy'' owner. She sure was content to get her car back.

André's family is from New Brunswick so we never got a chance to get to know them and since the wedding is in two months Ginette and André thought it would be nice to bring both families together (Luc wasn't with us). We had a delicious BBQ and afterwards we went bowling. We had a ball. Thank you Ginette and André for bringing the two families together before the wedding. André's other sister and her boyfriend joined us later.

Grooms father, sister, stepmom, André, Ginette and Dave.

André's new car.

And of course we need a picture of Meeko.