Monday, June 30, 2008


Today was a good productive day but I'm having minor technical difficulties with my camera so I'm hoping I can post pictures tomorrow.

Good night everyone and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

As mentioned last night, Dave and I left at 7:20 a.m. this morning for the trip to Halifax to return Puss to Ginette. The two pictures show the kind of weather we had most of the way going up - foggy and rainy. But I think we left the rain in Halifax because coming back it was cloudy most of the time but the sun showed it's pretty little face a couple of times (sorry, no pictures). It was nice visiting with our wonderful daughter for a couple of hours but she had to return to Moncton and us to find a few strawberries...

And, we managed to find a very nice ''U-Pick'' strawberry field. We got a flat of 8 pints for $13. Not bad if I may say so myself. I've already put two cookie sheets full in the freezer to freeze them whole, then I will store them in freezer bags for making smoothies next winter... and strawberry pies. Tomorrow it's strawberry jam making day - wish me luck ! There is something sooooooo satisfying in getting the pantry ready for Winter.

The owners of the strawberry field also had a fruit stand across the road. Next to their stand was a few animals that customers can go and visit. I had so much fun petting the animals and playing with the dogs (especially the black lab).

Stay tuned... I will post pictures of my new quilt. Which by the way Barb, I LOVE VERY MUCH! More on this tomorrow...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strawberry fields

Dave and I are leaving at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning to meet up with our daughter in Halifax to return Puss. We will be sad to see him go (we've had him for a month) but his owner misses him very, very much and the time has come for him to go home.

On our way back tomorrow, we are hoping to find a nice pick-your-own strawberry field. Monday is strawberry jam making day (this will be my first attempt at cooked jam, I've always made the freezer jam). Forecast is for rain (yay, my smoke signals may have worked) so if this is the case we'll find a farmer's market somewheres and buy local strawberries.

So basket and carry-all are ready. The carry-all pictured above is from Frenchy's. Although I'm sewing my own bags lately, I could'nt leave this one behind.

Smoke signals... hoping for rain

I might be the only one in the village hoping for rain but we sure could use a few drops. Gardens are begging for moisture and I'm pretty sure the water level in our well is getting low. After Dave left tonight to go play music with his band, I made a fire in the pit and just sat there watching the fire, listening to the birds and just plain enjoying Life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation : Day 2

My second day of vacation started with a breakfast of buckwheat pancakes and coffee (not shown).

Before heading outside (yes it was another gorgeous sunny day) I finished Ginette's dishcloth. I really enjoyed doing the basket weave pattern. Now I have to start one for me (or I should say for Dave, he's the dish washer around here).

Where you could find me most of the afternoon... weeding in the garden.

Late this evening - my favorite handy man and assistant gardener Dave putting up the trellis for the cukes. Everything is growing so fast around here.

Hope everyone had a good first part of their week and that it will be even better for the second half.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Down time... alone time

I had some vacation time I needed to take before the end of the month so that being said... I'm on vacation til next Wednesday. Today was my first day and what a beautiful day it was. I love spending time with my family but I also enjoy my time alone - ''home alone''.

Put laundry outside to dry - look at that clear blue sky.

This little hooked ornament needed to be washed in cold water (it's handmade of 100% wool). These works of art are made Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. They can be found all over the world. This one was given to Dave as a thank you gift for giving a speech at a conference - 25 years ago.

And what would a nice summer ''vacation'' day be without a few hours spent in the garden...

The two pictures that follow show tomato plants that were planted at the exact same time from the same batch, posted here. The first picture shows the two that were planted without the watering bottles and the second picture show those that were watered through the inserted bottles. It's amazing to see the difference but they will still produce fabulous tomatoes for us to enjoy later in the Summer.

The potatoes are up to their second box...

I love this lady's blog, check it out. She has the most amazing recipes. I made the black bean burger for supper tonight. I had mine on a whole wheat grilled bun. I enjoyed the burger very much, I will certainly be cooking it again.

Forecast for tomorrow - sunny and warm ! Yahoo, outside I go again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is what our living room looks like for now. All our stuff that was in the den is now in the living room so the new hardwood floor can be put in. (You can have a peek at our new floor in the living room). That old floral loveseat has been in our den for ''many years''. Dave can't part with it, but...


Everyone is very tired after a wonderful, sunny weekend... mostly spent outside.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tasha Tudor

I was sadden yesterday when I heard the news that Tasha Tudor has passed away. I have most of her books, many that I have read numerous times over and over again. "She lived the life that I am trying to live". Even though I had never met Tasha Tudor in person - she was an inspiration to me. She was on my list of "inspirational" people I want to meet.

She "Celebrated Life". So tonight, I will light a candle, drink tea and do a little bit of knitting.

(Photo courtesy of Tasha Tudor's family website).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Bean Veggie Chili

As mentioned here, I made this delicious veggie chili and here is the recipe. (I am linking you to "What a dish" so you can check out the recipe and her nice blog while you're at it).

Enjoy !

Monday, June 16, 2008

Customer Appreciation Days

Last Thursday at Frenchy's it was ''Bag Day''... all you can stuff in a white plastic grocery bag for $8. We did'nt go because there really isn't anything to go crazy for. Friday it was closed so they could clean up the tables because Saturday and Sunday it's Customer Appreciation Days. This is when they dump goods on the tables every 10 minutes (normally they dump stuff on the tables about once an hour) and it's mostly ''nice'' stuff that they dump every 10 minutes. Hmmmmm, but we did'nt go on these two days either. Why ? Because there are more people then room in the store. There is a line-up outside before the doors open at 8 a.m. Saturday morning.

However, Dave and I dropped in tonight just to see if they left anything ''worthy''. Am I ever happy we stopped. Here is our purchases from tonight : 3 skeins of wool ($1.25 for the three); some kind of table runner (orange on the left) made of linen, a chanting/meditation CD, Dave found two Polo shirts, a fleece hoody, and a black t-shirt...

But the best find for me was a book ''Greeting Cards A to Z and a set DVD/Book on Practical Meditation. And it's not even me that found it... Dave did ! He's the best, always looking out for me.

All for $23.25


This evening we went to the old mill to collect a few buckets of sawdust to put around our raspberries and blueberries. This keeps the soil moist in dry weather. The way things are going I think we are up for a dry summer.

Below - a beautiful scene across from the mill.

June chills

Last evening (Sunday) Dave and I went for a walk along the shore to try and find a few pieces of beach glass... while I sip my coffee. It was so windy and cold that we had to turn around and leave. Behind me is a shipyard - A. F. Theriault and Son Ltd. in Meteghan River.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ruby says hi

This is ''Ruby''. She's sooooooo happy to be out of hibernation.

We usually take our bikes out at the end of April but this year Dave had a knee injury he had to take care of so we waited til now to take to the road with our bikes. Dave and I love going on slow, relaxing bike rides. And tonight we did ! What a gorgeous sunny and warm evening it was. We rode for about 90 minutes (enough for our first strole of the year). Below you'll find random pictures of sights and scenes from tonight's route. We ended up at the Dairy Twirl. Dave had a hot fudge sundae and I had one scoop of grapenut hard ice-cream.

Sleep well everyone and have a good Saturday !

Up-date on the veggie garden

The garden is doing so well this year. Seems we can see it grow before our eyes. This picture was taken just before I removed the shelters from the tomatoes. They should be fine now that all signs of frost are gone (I sure hope so).

Below - peas, spinach, carrots and green beans.

During the Winter I read a lot on growing tomatoes (and other veggies). What I found was that tomatoes love to be watered from the roots. So I did a trial test on four Scotia tomato plants by planting a plastic bottle when I planted the tomato plants and I water them from these bottles. The water goes directly to the roots. Two other tomato plants from the same batch and planted at the very same time are about 1/3 smaller then these. Trial test was a success !

Potatoes are also growing like crazy. In about one week I'll need to add some soil and eventually add another box.

TGIF - New shades, a beer and supper

I love Fridays ! I love them as much as I love this tree outside my building at work. I should plant one of these, they're so beautiful.

I don't take a lot of pictures of myself but I wanted to show my new Frenchy's shades. They are darker then my previous ones; not so hard on the eyes. A total of 50 cents I paid for them. This picture was taken after work today on our back deck while Dave and I were each enjoying...

... a cold beer before supper.

I must tell you something my friends (yes, you are all my friends now). I made meatless chilli last night. It cooked in the slow-cooker all night. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out or taste. I have tried meatless chilli before and it was just so, so. Not this one ! it was so, so GOOD! I had a small portion before my supper and I could have skipped on the salmon and salad and eat a bigger bowl of this. Of course I got the recipe from a blogger which I can't remember the link to her blog (I have it in my favorites at work). The chilli is called Three-bean veggie chilli. I love chilli but now that I don't eat meat I can never have any when I cook it for my boys. I will post the recipe on Monday.

Tonight's supper - salmon on the BBQ with a spinach salad with a homemade balsamic vinegrette.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer knitting...

Yup, I've started a summer knitting project... dishcloth. I found an easy pattern (basket weave pattern) and off I went, knitting away. I am a beginner at knitting and at sewing but if I had to make a choice on just one it would be knitting. It's like meditating, so it's a good practice for me.

We are busy at home - we are putting in hardwood floors in the living room and in the den so the rest of the house is pretty much a disaster with stuff from these two rooms all over the house. But his doesn't bother me at all. Plus, the end result will be soooooo rewarding. I will post pictures when everything is finished and in place. Plus, we are going to paint the living room another color and buy a new sofa set. So it could be a while before I post pictures.


Earlier this week (I think it was Monday evening... how time is flying by) Dave and I went for a nice drive along this beautiful seaside village - Weymouth. It's about a 30 minute drive from our house. The village itself is a bit more populated then what you see from the pictures above.

Where does the time go... days, weeks, months - all are going by way to fast for my liking !