Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I will take a wee break from this blog to go visit my daughter in New Brunswick. We are leaving early tomorrow morning and coming back late Sunday evening. I'm brining along my camera so I'm hoping I'll remember to take pictures.

I am looking forward to spending a few days alone with my lovely daughter. Doing a lot of talking, walking, laughing and slipping some yoga in there as well as ''some'' shopping. Oh, and eating at two of my favorites - The Red Pepper (mongolian) and Calactus (vegetarian) I want to get some yummy yarn at the wool shop and if time permits, we might catch a movie.

Spending time with your adult daughter is so precious !!!!!

Peas, spinach and carrots are growing !

Happy apple blossom everyone. Take the time to smell the blossoms !

Saturday, May 24, 2008


We have a full house this weekend and I can't tell you how much we are loving it !!!!! Dave and I met Meeko for the first time (Luc already met him when he visited in New Brunswick). Ginette and André (and Meeko) are visiting for two days from New Brunswick. They had a wedding today so Dave and I got to babysit since 2 p.m. today. He is such a good puppy and very smart considering he's only six months old. They taught him to jingle a bell that's hanging on the doornob when he needs to go out and he use's the bell everytime.

Happy dreams everyone !

Different approach

During my week of random photos I posted this picture.

And here is the content of these two wooden lobster crates that Dave and I found while beachcombing. Yup, potatoes. This is a different way of planting potatoes. As the plants grow taller (which I hope they will lol) we'll have to add more soil and eventually add another tw0 wooden boxes on top of these two. Some people plant this way in tires but I did'nt want the chemicals that are in tires to go in the soil... hence the wooden boxes. A co-worker told me that she went up to 6 tires last year.

I think a ''potato unveiling celebration'' is in order come September. The celebration food could be dishes entirely potato related.

I'll keep you posted on the spuds !!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Few recent finds

I've really enjoyed my week of random photos. The assignment made me focus more on the subjects that I photographed.

In the past couple of weeks we found a few items while thrifting at Frenchy's. A couple of weekends ago when my daughter was visiting from New Brunswick she bought this chair. It needs some sanding and varnishing but only minor repairs. It also needs a pillow, she's going to look for one in Moncton.

I found this small stash - tablecloth for our picnic table, small piece of fabric, an apple slicer (don't know if that's the appropriate name for it) and a pair of brown leg warmers.

They were the best part of my purchase that day. They are full leg length and so soft. This will come in handy during long winter evenings, sitting around knitting and reading.

Hope everyone is well and keeping warm (ya, in May). It is still very cool in our neck of the woods.

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Random photos : Monday

This week I will be doing a week of random photos (my dear niece's idea). Here goes, enjoy !

Rhubarb crisp

Our first dish of the season made with something from the garden...