Sunday, April 22, 2012

Biker chicks

A couple of weeks ago we had another one of our theme parties.  This time it was ''The biker chicks at the Lipstick Saloon''.  I love my friends.

Chow time

That top picture shows the beginnings of these delicious cookies.  This is the third time I've baked these cookies in two months.  I use regular whole wheat flour and I don't have almond meal so I dumped coconut flour in there instead.  After you've baked these cookies, take your cup of coffee or tea with a few cookies in hand and check out Renee over at Fimby.  Three of her recipes are now printed in my recipe journal. 

Those round things with cheese, bacon and chives - I got the recipe on Pinterest.  They are baked potatoes with those toppings.  They are worth baking.... delicious !!!

You've probably read on this blog a few times before that I did'nt like sushi AT ALL.  Had to try it half a dozen times before I fell completely in love with the stuff.  Although, I don't like the raw fish yet.  The smoked salmon I do like.  Here is Dave and I's supper tonight.  We worked as a team and had everything prepped and rolled in about an hour.

Around the yard this time of year

These pictures were taken two weeks ago so the landscape has changed a bit since... things are getting greener every day.  Especially these past two days where it has been foggy and raining.  Time to get out the mowers.  A lot of twigs have been picked and brambles needed to be placed in the garlic bed so Miss Lady chickens stay out.

Mr. Puss

April 2 we lost the very loved Mr. Puss.  It was sudden and very unexpected.  Ginette was saddened by this tragic event.  Days are getting easier but he will never be forgotten.  Mr. Puss is resting with Tabi under one of our apple tree in our back field.