Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chow time

That top picture shows the beginnings of these delicious cookies.  This is the third time I've baked these cookies in two months.  I use regular whole wheat flour and I don't have almond meal so I dumped coconut flour in there instead.  After you've baked these cookies, take your cup of coffee or tea with a few cookies in hand and check out Renee over at Fimby.  Three of her recipes are now printed in my recipe journal. 

Those round things with cheese, bacon and chives - I got the recipe on Pinterest.  They are baked potatoes with those toppings.  They are worth baking.... delicious !!!

You've probably read on this blog a few times before that I did'nt like sushi AT ALL.  Had to try it half a dozen times before I fell completely in love with the stuff.  Although, I don't like the raw fish yet.  The smoked salmon I do like.  Here is Dave and I's supper tonight.  We worked as a team and had everything prepped and rolled in about an hour.

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COLLEEN said...

Oh boy, it is difficult looking at food these days!

Day 54 of my juice feast today -- I am over the hump!