Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dumping Day

Tomorrow is ''Dumping Day'' for our lobster fishermen. Hope everyone is safe out at sea.

These pictures were taken today at noon at the Meteghan Wharf. Everyone getting ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning. (If you click on the second picture to enlarge it, you'll see all the traps lined up on the wharf).

Why we always wait...

...for the coldest day to put up our Christmas decorations outside is beyond me. I can't answer that but it's always sunny and so cold when we do. Yesterday it was stormy most of the day - windy, rainy and damp. This morning we get up to a nice bright sun so we knew this was the day. First thing's first - drive deeper in the woods to get a few branches and scrubs. Head back home...

... and test out the many sets of lights to see which ones will work and which ones won't. Why is it that each year they work when you put them away and when you get them out a year later, almost half don't work. At some point I had to put Dave's ski jacket on to keep warm.

The fruit of our labor - our backyard tonight, and...

... our front yard. Snow would make it so much prettier, don't you agree.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You need a Village

Finally !!!! after a week of talking about putting it up, the Christmas Village is all lite up tonight.

Bring on the S-N-O-W outside. I can't remember not having seen snow on the ground in November (but it's not over yet).

A side note here - I love, love, love receiving comments on this blog. People are dropping by because my profile views has increased dramatically in the past few months. Don't be shy, say hi. However, I will not publish anonymous comments so don't forget to say who you are (if you are not a member of blogger).

Friday, November 27, 2009

What I did in Moncton

First thing's first... we took out the garbage Friday morning. Than we headed out for some serious shopping.
I left home at 4:20 am on the Friday, was at my destination at exactly 9:20 am (5 hours straight driving). We had a beautiful sunny weekend. Shopped all day Friday, had a nice pasta supper with friends, Moncton Market Saturday morning, more shopping all afternoon, supper out for Ginette and I (André was working) than some christmas decorating to end the evening.

Puss relaxing on the wreath cover.

Meeko saying goodbye on Sunday morning. I left at 8:15 am and was home by 2:30 pm.

So what I did in Moncton is shop, eat delicious food, drank fine wine and visited with one amazing person and her new husband (and zoo of course).

Unrelated but here is another picture of the carolers that Dave gave me for my 50th birthday two weeks ago. I love this local artist's work.

Have a wonderful weekend friends !

Sunday, November 15, 2009


WOW, I don't know where to start. My husband, kids and friends (the best people in my life) made sure I had a wonderful 50th birthday celebration. My birthday is today but the celebrations started yesterday. Actually, Friday when Ginette and André arrived from New Brunswick. I had an all day meeting yesterday. Got home at 4 p.m. and the laughing, eating, hydrating started. We had a rappie pie supper and for dessert - yup, that's right BIRTHDAY CAKE. Ginette brought me this amazing and delicious cake from Croissant Soleil. The candles said ''OH NO THE BIG 50''.

Than it was time to head out and meet my wonderful friends at the home of one of them before heading out to the dance. (I have so many nice pictures of this part of the celebration but some people in the pictures I did'nt ask permission to post their pictures; and I won't).

Below - two pictures of Clarisse and I.

Laughing is good therapy.

This morning I was presented with fabulous gifts. This one is from Dave. Christmas carolers handmade by a local artist. I already have a few pieces from this artist and Dave knew I had my eyes on these carolers since I had seen them at an exhibit this summer.

Afterwards the six of us headed out for brunch.

Thank you a million times to everyone for the wonderful birthday celebrations. If I had known that turning 50 was so much fun I would have speeded up the processes...

In my 50 years - the two most cherished gifts I've received are Ginette and Luc. They put pure joy and love in my heart.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hanging on

This little apple is hanging on, just doesn't want to give in to the cold weather.

Today here in Canada it's Remembrance Day. The day we pay respect to the men and women who have been to war or that are at war right now. This day is very special for me. I would spend most of the day watching the war documentaries on television with my father. He was a WWII veteran. We would watch TV in complete silence except for a rare comment here and there. The men (and women) of war did'nt really want to talk about their journey. Can you imagine what they saw; so horrifying. Thank you so much for everything.

My father died when I was 16 years old. I did'nt get enough time with him. I'm still hanging on to the memories I have of him. We were fishing buddies.

November 11th also marks the date when my favorite aunt died, 7 years ago. I still can't believe she's gone.

Today - I made bread. I forgot to take an after picture but take my word - it's delicious.


As mentioned here a few weeks ago I've found an enormous amount of good books at Frenchy's in the past few months. Here are but a few I would love to share with you. I think the titles are pretty much self-explanatory.

But the best book to come into our lives lately is our daughter and SIL's wedding album. Dave and I picked it up from the photographer two weeks ago. The newlyweds have not seen it yet. They will be here Friday night for the weekend. They are going to love the pictures in this book (I know I did).

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The day ended up so nice and sunny. We did chores around the house outside and than we decided to go for a drive to the same spot that we went last year at this same date to pick acorns.

Wishing everyone a good start of the week tomorrow.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Rebel is back

For a while now I've been using my old faithful point and click camera. My beloved Canon Rebel was in the shop getting repaired. It was'nt even a year old... something to do with the battery holder. I got it back on Thursday and look at the picture I found on the memory card. Ginette and Luc taken at our favorite restaurant last July when we went to celebrate Ginette's birthday (that's when the camera went dead).

How did I end up being so lucky; having these two in my life.

Wild, Wild, West

Last night we were invited to a small gathering (10 of us) at some friends' home. The theme of the night was cowboy. Here we are getting ready to leave.

You won't find guns or hunting knives in our home. However, Dave wanted to be an authentic cowboy so he put his childhood treasure on his belt - his spoon, knife, fork thingy. Well, well, everyone had a good laugh at ''authentic Dave''.

I have loads of pictures of the evening but I did'nt get permission from most of the cowboys and cowgirls to put their faces on blogland. But here is a picture of three very good friends that I know won't mind if I post this picture. On the left is the sheriff with two of the cowgirls.

We had a ball. We even had a tour of an awesome barn full of wonderful artifacts.