Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wild, Wild, West

Last night we were invited to a small gathering (10 of us) at some friends' home. The theme of the night was cowboy. Here we are getting ready to leave.

You won't find guns or hunting knives in our home. However, Dave wanted to be an authentic cowboy so he put his childhood treasure on his belt - his spoon, knife, fork thingy. Well, well, everyone had a good laugh at ''authentic Dave''.

I have loads of pictures of the evening but I did'nt get permission from most of the cowboys and cowgirls to put their faces on blogland. But here is a picture of three very good friends that I know won't mind if I post this picture. On the left is the sheriff with two of the cowgirls.

We had a ball. We even had a tour of an awesome barn full of wonderful artifacts.


Anonymous said...

C'était le fun!


Colleen said...

sounds like tons of fun!!!! you go cow-girl!!!

Gi said...

vous êtes trop trop comique!! xo

JoyceAnn said...

You two look wonderful as cowpokes (LOL). Glad you had a wonderful time.

~ Blessings ~