Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apple Blossom

It's Apple Blossom Festival in the Annapolis Valley next weekend. I have my very own blossoms in my back yard. It should be a good summer for cultivating fruit seeing all the fruit trees are in full bloom.

Can you find Tabi ?

Sunday, May 27, 2007


This morning Dave and I planted the last of the veggie seeds in the garden. Seeing it was an out of this world gorgeous sunny day we decided to dedicate the afternoon to biking. We went to the Yarmouth Lighthouse.

My shorter then usual haircut.

Having a light picnic.

Could the sky be a nicer shade of blue ?

Then we headed off to Port Maitland Beach to eat our supper.

No rat yet, but...

No rat in the trap yet, but we got a squirrel. This is the third time in two weeks that we get a squirrel in the humane trap instead of the wise rat that we're trying to catch. We haven't seen the rodent today. I wonder where he could be... For the squirrel, we immediately let him back in the wild in the forest in back of our house.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wise as a rat

You've heard the saying 'Wise as a rat'. Well we have one of those wise ones in the flower garden right next to the kitchen window. For the past two weeks I've tried everything possible to catch him. We would like to catch him in the humane trap and then go drop him off in the woods next to the lake. But, he is way too wise to get caught in the trap. I've tried white bread, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, cheddar cheese and today we put cheese slices in the trap. Nope, he walks around the trap eating all the bird seeds on the ground. And did I mention he is BIG !!!! To be continued.... hopefully a picture with a certain rat in the trap.

Below are pictures taken in various gardens around our property.

Solomon's Cane.


Bleeding Heart.

Our son's new truck.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Morning beauty

One of many flower gardens throughout the university campus.

Picture taken while on my morning walk at 7:30 a.m. this morning. Church Point Lighthouse.

Below, this is the view from my office window... had to share with you what I see everytime I look out my window.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Ties in Moncton

Long weekends are for playing, laughing, shopping and eating!!!!! That's what we did as a family this past Victoria Day Weekend. Luc, Dave and I jointed Ginette and André in Moncton. Saturday evening Dave and Luc drove to St. John to watch a BB King concert. Luc had a ball at Home Depot. It was like Christmas Eve. I bought three more pieces for my elemental dish set.

Below is a picture of Luc playing a guitar video game.

Puss had been with us for the past three weeks but we brought him back to his owner. He was happy to see her. He is an acrobat... loves to get on top of the wooden clothes dryer.

I love cooking and I especially love cooking for my family. Sunday morning I made a big breakfast/brunch, and....
...everyone seems to enjoy it.

Ginette and pape enjoying a refreshing glass of pepsi after a rappie pie supper Sunday evening.

Weather wise, it wasn't that great all weekend. But it did'nt stop us from having fun. The picture below is very dark and gloomy. It's Luc and I outside the Via Rail train station in Moncton. A perfect ending to a very pleasant weekend - today Luc and I travelled from Moncton to Halifax by train. Dave picked us up in Halifax. I was raised next to the railroad and I had not been on a train in 20 years... Luc had never gone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Water cooler discussions

Would you agree with me that probably the main topic of everyone's discussions is the weather. First thing when you greet someone... "Nice weather", "Is it going to warm up", "What's up with snow in May" and on and on.... Seems when one doesn't know what to say, they talk about the weather. I suppose it's always a safe subject to fall on. You can't go wrong.

For instance, this morning when I got to work the first person I see is the janitor from our building having a smoke outside. What is the first thing I say to him (even before saying hi) - "This rain is kind of nice isn't it, it sure is better then the fog we had most of May last year".

Then there are those that check the weather channel to no end. To see what the weather will be like the next morning. "The weather will be what the weather will be"... you'll have to take what you are given.

And what about checking the temperature outside every morning. Will they not leave the house if it's too cold or too hot...

Here is a link to the Meteghan web cam weather forecast. This is the weather we are having home right now... in case I see you later today and we want to talk about "the weather".

Meteghan web cam

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Puss helping grand-père...

Three more days and we'll have to return Puss to his rightful owner in Moncton. Dave, Luc and I will travel to Moncton to visit Ginette and André for the long weekend. My brother Chester will come over the house to check on Tabi for the three days we'll be gone. Visiting Ginette is the best treat ever but you want to know the second best.... Luc and I are returning Moncton to Halifax by Via Rail. Dave will pick us up at the train station in Halifax. I was raised and grew-up along side the railroad tracks and I haven't been on a train in years so this is a very special weekend for me.

Here is another picture of that quartz-like rock I found at Mavillette Beach on Sunday. I like it!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

As good as it gets

Well, another weekend is coming to an end but not before a million things to do are jam-packed in one day. Dave and I went for a relaxing walk at Mavillette Beach this afternoon with Tabi.

This beautiful quartz-like stone I found made it's way home. It is now sitting on the baker's rack in the kitchen.

When we got home from the beach we continued working outside.... actually I should'nt even call it work. It's not work at all, it's the most relaxing, comforting job ever. Tabi enjoys all that nature has to offer....especially the scents.

The shallots below belong to my mom. She doesn't really have a nice area to plant her shallots at her house so this year we told her she could use one of our veggie box.

Dave working away at leveling off the gravel the plow last Winter left on the side lawn.

I planted our peas yesterday, it is not very clear in this picture but the poles are up.

Dave and I went to the greenhouse to buy a Mother's Day gift for mom. We also bought our supply of tomatos, rosemary and chemomile.

I will leave you today with this picture of a beautiful female buddha. It was given to me by my son's girlfriend. It is now sitting very pretty in one of the gardens.

The best to everyone as we all start a new week tomorrow ! May we all take a moment to give thanks for the week that just ended.

Happy Mother's Day

I love these two sooooooo much !!!!! For me, it's Mother's Day 365 days a year. I am blessed every single day to have these two wonderful kids in my life. That's what it's all about...

Below, a picture of me with my mom taken a few years back on Mother's Day.


Saturday, May 12, 2007


There are no words to describe today's weather.... except for complete beauty. Dave and I have been outside working in the gardens since before noon. You would want days like these to never end. I planted my peas in the veggie garden. Weeded one of the many huge flower gardens we have and helped Dave cut the grass. Oh yes, and I did a load of laundry which I got to put outside to dry.

Way toooooooo much of a close-up....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Recent Frenchy acquisition

Dave and I went to Frenchy's Monday night and I found this nice basket. I'm still trying to figure out what I will use it for. Sewing supplies maybe, clothespins, craft supplies... we'll see. For now it just looks great on the dryer.

A pleasant surprise for me in the mailbox yesterday!!!!! My first issue of Natural Life magazine. I read half of it last night.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Simple beauty

It was sunny most of the day but at times it got so cloudy that it almost resulted in rain but we did'nt get any. The evening was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. Went for a walk on the trail then took these pictures upon my arrival. We had BBQ for supper - boneless chicken that I cut up in stips and haddock in spices (all on the BBQ). Then I put the cut-up chicken in a fabulous ceasar salad and had the haddock on the side. We even had BBQ toasted foccacia baquette. Yum, Yum !!!!

My favorite spot in the garden - a bench made of driftwood Dave made for me a few years back.

Wishing everyone a good start to the new week !!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Alone time

Puss wanted some alone time so I let him go in the storage room. He's been with us a week already. In two weeks Dave, Luc and I will be going to Moncton so we will return him to his maman. I'm sure she misses him a lot.

A nice sunny morning. I won't be able to enjoy the sun. It's graduation day at the university so I have to work. I will leave in 45 minutes and come back at around 5 p.m. Tomorrow will be my only day off for this weekend so if it's nice outside I will spend most of the day in the gardens. I would like to plant my spinach and if the greenhouse is open I would go and buy my tomato plants.

Wishing everyone a good Saturday !!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Water and Fire

Dave and I went to Yarmouth tonight. We did'nt really want anything in particular. Dave wanted more of his energy drinks and I wanted a pair of linen capri pants I had previously seen a week ago. Of course we came back with more then we had on our list. It was such a gorgeous evening. We went on the Yarmouth Waterfront and took this picture of the nice blue water.

After all shopping was done, we met up with Luc and his girlfriend Liette for coffee and below is the scene from the parking lot. Looks like the horizon is on fire. Hope this beautiful sunset is a sign of sun tomorrow. We'll see !