Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Puss helping grand-père...

Three more days and we'll have to return Puss to his rightful owner in Moncton. Dave, Luc and I will travel to Moncton to visit Ginette and André for the long weekend. My brother Chester will come over the house to check on Tabi for the three days we'll be gone. Visiting Ginette is the best treat ever but you want to know the second best.... Luc and I are returning Moncton to Halifax by Via Rail. Dave will pick us up at the train station in Halifax. I was raised and grew-up along side the railroad tracks and I haven't been on a train in years so this is a very special weekend for me.

Here is another picture of that quartz-like rock I found at Mavillette Beach on Sunday. I like it!

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