Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Water cooler discussions

Would you agree with me that probably the main topic of everyone's discussions is the weather. First thing when you greet someone... "Nice weather", "Is it going to warm up", "What's up with snow in May" and on and on.... Seems when one doesn't know what to say, they talk about the weather. I suppose it's always a safe subject to fall on. You can't go wrong.

For instance, this morning when I got to work the first person I see is the janitor from our building having a smoke outside. What is the first thing I say to him (even before saying hi) - "This rain is kind of nice isn't it, it sure is better then the fog we had most of May last year".

Then there are those that check the weather channel to no end. To see what the weather will be like the next morning. "The weather will be what the weather will be"... you'll have to take what you are given.

And what about checking the temperature outside every morning. Will they not leave the house if it's too cold or too hot...

Here is a link to the Meteghan web cam weather forecast. This is the weather we are having home right now... in case I see you later today and we want to talk about "the weather".

Meteghan web cam

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