Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Ties in Moncton

Long weekends are for playing, laughing, shopping and eating!!!!! That's what we did as a family this past Victoria Day Weekend. Luc, Dave and I jointed Ginette and André in Moncton. Saturday evening Dave and Luc drove to St. John to watch a BB King concert. Luc had a ball at Home Depot. It was like Christmas Eve. I bought three more pieces for my elemental dish set.

Below is a picture of Luc playing a guitar video game.

Puss had been with us for the past three weeks but we brought him back to his owner. He was happy to see her. He is an acrobat... loves to get on top of the wooden clothes dryer.

I love cooking and I especially love cooking for my family. Sunday morning I made a big breakfast/brunch, and....
...everyone seems to enjoy it.

Ginette and pape enjoying a refreshing glass of pepsi after a rappie pie supper Sunday evening.

Weather wise, it wasn't that great all weekend. But it did'nt stop us from having fun. The picture below is very dark and gloomy. It's Luc and I outside the Via Rail train station in Moncton. A perfect ending to a very pleasant weekend - today Luc and I travelled from Moncton to Halifax by train. Dave picked us up in Halifax. I was raised next to the railroad and I had not been on a train in 20 years... Luc had never gone.

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