Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roasted tomato soup

I've been following this wonderful blog for a few months now and I enjoy seeing all the wonderful things Renee and her family are up to. Last week Renee blogged about her family's favorite soup. Actually I think she said it was her family's favorite ''meal''. Just reading about it I immediately knew it would be my favorite also. So first thing Saturday morning I set out in the garden to pick all the ripen tomatoes and I made half a batch to see if I would like this soup. By the time I went to bed Saturday night I had eaten the entire batch by myself. Sunday I made a full pot. This time my husband got to see for himself what the rave was about the previous day. I managed to freeze two jars to be consumed later this Fall.

In our household, Fall and Winter means soup. We hardly eat soup the two other seasons. Now, go ahead and make Renee's Roasted Tomato Soup. Seeing that I'm a cheese addict, I added crumbled feta cheese on top of the soup after it's been scooped in the bowls.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

All the signs are there

All the signs of Fall are out there. I love the transition from Summer to Fall and of course Fall being my favorite season.

Our cultivated scarlet runner beans. They are a heritage seed from the 1600's.

This little guy is all smiles... I think Fall might be his favorite season also.

We are still eating chard from the garden. It's amazing how much we ended up harvesting this year.

That beautiful golden color of Fall.

Eggplants still growing in the cold frame.

As well as peppers.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago... these are the scarlet runner beans drying in the sun.

Mmmmm, pumpkin pie here I come.

Next post I will share an amazing roasted tomato soup recipe from a blogger that I follow. Stay tuned and get your tomatoes ready. You will want to cook up a pot of this soup.