Sunday, February 27, 2011


Some green is starting to pop-up around our home...

A view of the inside of my sprouter - wheat grass on the left and sprouts on the right.

How can I not be in a joyful happy mood from looking at this sprouting kale ! in that same tray but still awaiting the first sign of life are tomatoes and basil.

Right now I'm at a very good place in my life. However, Life is not something I take for granted. We all know how quickly things can turn around.
I haven't said it in a while ''Celebrate Life''. Happy Monday tomorrow.

A few Frenchy's finds

Can you believe it.... last day of February tomorrow.

Here are a couple of my latest thrifting finds at Frenchy's. I kinda like this double candle holder. As some of you know, I'm not a matchy matchy person so I put in one beeswax candle and one pale green soy candle (not seen in the above photo) and of course one is shorter than the other... that's how I roll !!! I love lighting beeswax candles in the house, it smells heavenly.

I am also very rustic in my home decor hence that hand carved wooden bowl up there that I just had to bring home with me. It still needs a good beeswax polishing. Underneath the bowl is a folded cotton yoga wall hang. Yes, I collect them for when I have my yoga studio in the loft of my new barn... it's not a dream; it will happen.

Theme party :: 70's disco

Last Saturday (over a week ago, I know, I know, should be present here more) the fabulous group of friends I have, celebrated the mid-winter blahs with a 70's disco night. And look who dropped in for the evening... Johnny himself !

Such joy to spend a few hours with my most cherished buddies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catching some sun

As most of you already know, two of our favorite past times for Dave and I are beachcombing and collecting beachglass - both going hand in hand. I would estimate that we've been collecting glass for almost 15 years. Recently we decided to select some of our favorites and have them weaved into this beautiful suncatcher by this amazing local artist. She repurpose's copper wiring. It's nicely displayed in our kitchen window where the sun catches it all afternoon (that's is; when we do have sun these days).

And here is someone that decided to catch some sun yesterday afternoon in our backyard... (you might have to click to enlarge the picture).

Anyone else enjoying the gorgeous sun we've had the past two days !

Sunday, February 13, 2011


...has been on my mind lately. Lists are being made for vegetable seed orders, raspberry canes and what shall I put in the raised beds this year for fertilizer - hmmmm, I think my chicken poo pile is big enough to fill those 9 raised beds.

Herbal remedies

(added :: capsules, capsule machine, powedered echinacea and cobalt blue bottle all from here).

I've been reading and researching herbal remedies for about 10 years (don't have a degree or anything, just something I do for myself and my family). We've been taking echinacea during flu season for many years and for the most part I don't get the flu; maybe the odd head cold once every other season (working at a university, I come in contact with a lot of germs). Our latest production - echinacea capsules. You know how it is, after you've done something and say to yourself ''why haven't I done this before''. And with this simple yet amazing little machine it worked like a charm.

Yes, twenty-four capsules at a time, we filled our bottle.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Product review :: juicer

Wheat grass is a good thing to have in your diet. After a few months of gathering the appropriate equipment (wheat grass juicer), ordering organic seeds to grow our own wheat grass and waiting for said crop to grow, Dave and I gave it a go tonight. We've already had shots of the stuff before so we knew it's not the best tasting drink to have...

Full trays of wheat grass growing in the warm January sun.

This is the product from CSN Stores that needs a review from me. It's a beauty of a machine, all stainless and best of all - you don't need electricity to run it, it's all manual crank. No assembly required except screw on the crank and presto you have a wheat grass juicer.
A side note - with all the praise I've done on all my previous deliveries this one was pretty banged-up when it got here but the juicer did'nt have one scratch so that's all that matters, right !
Unfortunately, I am sad to report that our much awaited juicer did not deliver as we had hoped. I can't blame the juicer, we think it's the wheat grass that doesn't give enough liquid. This batch I had grown in soil and I think it should be grown in my green sprouter and than you would have more liquid coming from the roots. Anyways, that's the only solution we have for now. I'm going to start a crop in the sprouter and we'll see the results in a little over a week.
From an entire tray of wheat grass we each had one tablespoon of liquid. Which should have been more than that.
Stay tuned for the results of plan B with the wheat grass.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just random stuff

Excuse my lack of blogging around these parts lately. I am so horrible - at times I blog three times in one week than I'm entire weeks without showing up... This post is so random but I just wanted to drop in and let y'all know all is well, we are keeping warm and cozy with our wood burning furnace and we are trying to keep up with the snow shoveling. If we keep getting the white stuff, I don't know where we'll put it.

Meet Belle. She belongs to our son and his fiancé. They had to go out of town for the night and today so she spent time with me while Dave was also out of town on business.

I still have a hard time believing that I found ''the perfect cabinet'' that I've been searching for in every antique store I could think of for the past three years. But here it is, sitting pretty in our kitchen. Dave and I picked it up one evening this week. It's sole purpose is to display my elemental dish set that took me three years to put together.

Gorgeous sunny day today but as I am typing this I can hear the freezing rain hitting the office window... yay, more snow or maybe a thick layer of ice over the snow we already have ! good combination for sledding but no good for shoveling - heart attack snow; that's what I call it.

Have faith my dear friends... Spring will be early this year.

Peace out and enjoy your day tomorrow.