Sunday, February 13, 2011

Herbal remedies

(added :: capsules, capsule machine, powedered echinacea and cobalt blue bottle all from here).

I've been reading and researching herbal remedies for about 10 years (don't have a degree or anything, just something I do for myself and my family). We've been taking echinacea during flu season for many years and for the most part I don't get the flu; maybe the odd head cold once every other season (working at a university, I come in contact with a lot of germs). Our latest production - echinacea capsules. You know how it is, after you've done something and say to yourself ''why haven't I done this before''. And with this simple yet amazing little machine it worked like a charm.

Yes, twenty-four capsules at a time, we filled our bottle.


MargaretJ said...

Vickie, that's pretty amazing. Never would think to make my own pills, but why not?!

Alli said...

This is something I should look into...I got a terrible flu again yesterday and had to stay home in bed shivering all the while sweating...these last 2 weeks have been terrible and the first time I have been sick in 2 years!

Colleen said...

how fun, you'll have your own herbal pharmacy in no time...hee hee

Veronique said...

Ok! Asteur e'j chu amazed! E'j va checker out s'te supplier icette! J'aimerais pousser dequois moi même et être capable de faire dequoi manière comme cecette!
Merci pour avoir partagé!