Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding planners

My daughter was home for the weekend to finalize a few wedding preparations.

Below - the wedding planners : Denise (best friend and maid-of-honor), Ginette and myself getting ready to leave the house early Saturday morning for a full day of cake designing, registering, mesuring, deciding, looking, figuring, flower smelling ...

Bridal registry.

We took a break for lunch at Chez Christophe for rappie pie. All rested and recharged, we headed...

... to the Chapel at the university. Trying to figure out where to put the chairs, flowers, etc.

Taken from the balcony.

We got home by 4:30 p.m. and Dave had a pail of white clams (steamers) ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

After supper we went to the florist to order the flowers. I had so much fun, thanks girls for having me tag along.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Second best time of the year

For me this is the second best time of the year... the first being Fall. And the reason I love this time of the year is the joy I get from working the soil, planting tiny little seeds and watch them grow into ''something'' that we can enjoy at the table. Weeding is kind of a meditation for me. I'm always weeding - veggies or flowers. Dave bought me this cart last weekend. I can easily wheel it around and fill it up.

I think these are some kind of Columbine... not your usual species.

Remember last year when I experimented with an unsual way of planting potatoes. And in the end, the scepticals were pleasantly surprised with the results. We had potatotes. I saved a few to use as seedlings this year. So far it's looking good. However, I changed things around a little. I only planted in single layer wooden boxes instead of the double layer. Last year I had 12 plants; this year we have 24.

We've been enjoying green onions for a while now.

I had to save the very best for last (as a surprise). I WON; I WON. Last week I got an email from Austen over at Make + Do that I had won giveaway no. 6 (And today she used my question on rubber stamps in her Crafty Q & A segment). Yesterday I found this yummyness in my mailbox. I'm thinking a multicolored scarf for next Winter. That bamboo yarn is so, so, soft.

I still can't believe I won. It was such a surprise to get that email from Austen. You should head on over to Make + Do. She has amazing giveaways. And, the information she shares is very useful.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perfect, if you're a duck

To sum up this past weekend's weather - wet and damp with a hint of sun.

Friday early evening - looks like rain, oh wait it is raining.

Saturday mid-afternoon - hint of sun. This is the only time we saw the sun the entire weekend.

Sunday early afternoon - hmmm, should I put clothes on the line outside to dry...

... maybe not.
Woods-y centerpiece.
The picture below is for my friend Louise (she's blogless) in Ontario. She loves these flowers - me, not so much. I call them weeds. They grow like crazy around here alongside the roads.

Saturday afternoon my son drove 2 hours to buy his first Dobro. Dave went along for the ride. This is probably the only string instrument he hasn't mastered... yet ! Dave has a Dobro and Luc borrowed it for the past couple of weeks to see if he would like playing it before he bought one for himself. Apparently he loved it because now he has one.

Happy Monday tomorrow everyone !!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinner at the Resort

My son's girlfriend works at the Digby Pines Resort. She was taking Luc for his birthday dinner tonight and last week she asked her parents and Dave and I if we wanted to join them. I had never gone before and I am SO happy I said yes to the invitation. The food was amazing. I had the ceasar salad for my appetizer, scallops in a delicious sauce and for dessert I had a seven layer, belgian chocolate cake with a fancy sauce drizzled on top. YUM !

Wishing everyone a good start of the week.

Ruby's first run of 2009

Before going to Ruby...

...let me first tell you that Friday we celebrated Luc's 24th birthday with chinese food (his request) and an oreo ice-cream cake.

Now on to Ruby. Having done very little around the house yesterday, we knew that today was a stay home day and show at least some minor accomplishments in the form of laundry, dish washing, cooking, baking and gardening. However, the weather was just perfect to take Ruby out from her winter hibernation and take her for a run.

So we did.

We parked the car at a fish plant and rode for about an hour. I think an hour is just about enough for Ruby's first of 2009, don't you think ;-)

Did we feel the least bit quilty for leaving all the chores undone at home... not the least !!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Purples and Whites

It seems that it's all about purple and white in the gardens at this moment. Here is tonight's tour of the backyard gardens.

And the rustic fence Dave was working on Sunday. Here it is, just like I had envisoned it - old and rustic.