Thursday, June 18, 2009

Second best time of the year

For me this is the second best time of the year... the first being Fall. And the reason I love this time of the year is the joy I get from working the soil, planting tiny little seeds and watch them grow into ''something'' that we can enjoy at the table. Weeding is kind of a meditation for me. I'm always weeding - veggies or flowers. Dave bought me this cart last weekend. I can easily wheel it around and fill it up.

I think these are some kind of Columbine... not your usual species.

Remember last year when I experimented with an unsual way of planting potatoes. And in the end, the scepticals were pleasantly surprised with the results. We had potatotes. I saved a few to use as seedlings this year. So far it's looking good. However, I changed things around a little. I only planted in single layer wooden boxes instead of the double layer. Last year I had 12 plants; this year we have 24.

We've been enjoying green onions for a while now.

I had to save the very best for last (as a surprise). I WON; I WON. Last week I got an email from Austen over at Make + Do that I had won giveaway no. 6 (And today she used my question on rubber stamps in her Crafty Q & A segment). Yesterday I found this yummyness in my mailbox. I'm thinking a multicolored scarf for next Winter. That bamboo yarn is so, so, soft.

I still can't believe I won. It was such a surprise to get that email from Austen. You should head on over to Make + Do. She has amazing giveaways. And, the information she shares is very useful.


Alli said...

In sync again! I too just posted about my garden! We will see how it goes this year before I start experimenting too much! :) Congrats on your prize!!

JoyceAnn said...

I like the design of your garden cart , I bet it's alot easier to wheel around than those old heavy wheelbarrows , need to add one to my wishlist.

Your potatoes and onions look great. I dug a few of our red potatoes to cook with a roast this week , they were delicious.

Congrats on your win !

~ Garden Blessings ~