Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lights out

Hope everyone had a Happy Earth Hour 2009 ! As we did the two previous years, tonight at 8:30 it was lights out in our home. We had candles lite all over the place - it was so cozy. Almost all the homes in our little village participated. Even my 84 year old mom did. Thank you everyone, your efforts big or small really do make a difference.

We had planned on playing board games and such but we started a nice conversation and before we knew it we had gone over the hour.

I love giving more than receiving but in this case I think I'm receiving more - I gave an hour of reduced energy usage to the Earth and I get soooooooo much more from her in return... every single day.


It's here

BBQ season is here. In this household all BBQing related items are cleaned and stored away in late Fall... we do not want to BBQ year round. We feel it just would'nt be special anymore. And believe me, this is one special event for us !

And lastly some green for you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Last night :

Last evening was beautiful. This is the small fishing village of Meteghan.

This morning :

Waking up to this beauty. I'm one lucky girl !

Monday, March 23, 2009

Road Trip

Last week it was nice and sunny for 5 consecutive days so on Thursday Dave and I took the day off work and headed out on a road trip up Annapolis Valley way. Did I say 5 consecutive days ? yes I did but Thursday it rained most of the day and it's been sunny most of the days since. We headed out the door at 9 a.m.

We had to make a pit stop...

... car needed oil.

We stopped at a couple of Frenchy's. The best find for me was this beautiful mouth-blown vase in my favorite color, of course.

We were gone all day, driving, stopping and shopping in the rain but still... we had fun. We ate ''yummy'' fast-food which was a treat for me.

We got home at 6 p.m. The rain had stopped by then and we could see a few breaks in the clouds.

This was the scene at 7:30 p.m.

Oh well, we got rained upon for our road trip but our day ended in the comfort of our home with this beautiful sun set.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A walk on the beach

This afternoon Dave and I took a break from our backyard cleaning chores to go for a much needed walk on the beach. I love living in the woods but I also enjoy (and appreciate) the fact that I'm only a 5 minute car ride to the beach.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday tomorrow.

Spring cleaning

Winter brought with it extreme winds this year making our backyard a game board for ''pick-up-stix''. We have a LOT of twigs to pick up. This is what we did most of the afternoon.

Sunny Sun-day

My title says it was a sunny Sunday but it was just as sunny Saturday except a wee bit colder. Surely, Spring must be here look at our driveway. It's this way for a few weeks every Spring.

Perfect air-drying weather.

I haven't posted a picture of my finds at Frenchy's lately... that's because we either haven't been or when we've gone, haven't found any GREAT treasures to write home about. Below, a Martha Stewart comforter. Our bedroom is painted Sunshine Yellow so these colors should go well together. Will give the room a nice crisp, summery feel to it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Craft room

Here are a few random pictures from my craft room. I put together this room late last Fall. I finally have a space where I can have everything crafty together in one room.

I often find myself late into the night working away at some simple knitting or sewing project in the quiet-ness of this space.

Yoga Workshop

(Photo - Lenore Meuse)

What else would someone want to be doing on a Saturday morning !!!!!

Inversion poses are excellent to improve circulation.

I've talked in this post about Ayurveda. It considers that many of the body's impurities are in the lower abdomen. When we raise our feet above the head, gravity is assisting us to move these impurities towards what the Ayurvedic system calls agni, or 'fire'. Agni particularly relates to our 'digestive fire', and is thus located above our lower abdomen.

So, by being upside down, and by using the deep and slow breathing typical of yoga, we help 'burn off' the impurities that were previously stuck.

To be honest with you, I do it for all those reasons but sometimes I just love seeing the world upside-down.

Monday, March 2, 2009


High School Graduation - June 1978.

Senior Prom 1978 with my BFF Maureen (right). Growing up we were glued at the hips. You would rarely see one without the other. After graduation she moved away for a while and I found myself a handsome boyfriend. Now Maureen lives less than an hour away but we hardly see each other. When we do get together - we have so much catching-up to do, we have to come up for air ! :-)
Grade 8, 14 years old.

I'll be back with more oldies, I'm cleaning my ''huge'' box of pictures.

Baby stuff and houseplants

I knitted these cute baby slippers in two hours over the weekend. They are made of Merino Superwash and they are ''super'' soft. Perfect for a new baby's delicate skin. They are for my niece (or I should say for her baby-to-be). I have many nieces and nephews but Joelene is special. She's the same age as my daughter so they have always been a big part of each other's lives and we have seen her around here more often than any other niece or nephew. Two years ago her family included us in the preparations of her wedding and that meant a lot to us. Ginette was Joelene's maid of honor.

Here they are the bride-to-be on the left and the mommy-to-be on the right. Both big events will take place in August. Needless to say, Ginette had to find another bridesmaid. We are all hoping that the youngest guest at the wedding will be Ginette's new godchild.

For no reason at all, I am showing you the four houseplants I bought yesterday for a grand total of $12.


This picture was taken last week on a bright sunny day. Unfortunately, we haven't seen the sun since this picture was taken.

This landmark church sits on the university campus where I work and where I take my two daily walks. So I guess that even though our area is quite rural we can have national landmarks to brag about.