Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lights out

Hope everyone had a Happy Earth Hour 2009 ! As we did the two previous years, tonight at 8:30 it was lights out in our home. We had candles lite all over the place - it was so cozy. Almost all the homes in our little village participated. Even my 84 year old mom did. Thank you everyone, your efforts big or small really do make a difference.

We had planned on playing board games and such but we started a nice conversation and before we knew it we had gone over the hour.

I love giving more than receiving but in this case I think I'm receiving more - I gave an hour of reduced energy usage to the Earth and I get soooooooo much more from her in return... every single day.



Barb said...

We participated this year yet again. It's a good feel to know that we reduced by one hour the carbon emissions going into our atmosphere.

I saw a little boy interviewed (grade 5 I think) and he said "Earth is our home and if we don't look after it, it won't be our home." Deep don't you think for a child.

Colleen said...

we did the same thing. we talked and talked almost the entire hour. it was wonderful. why can't they have earth hour each month!!