Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding in pictures

Ginette and André's wedding went just as planned on Saturday. Yes, we had hurricane Danny show-up at around 9 a.m. Saturday morning and he stayed until midnight but that did'nt bother anything. Everyone had fun and a good time.

I wanted so much not to cry but I could'nt help myself. I was a wreck entering the chapel.

Putting a rosary on the line the night before is suppose to bring nice weather for the wedding. I will have to tell my mom that the date on her rosary has expired.

Ginette and Denise putting labels on the wine bottles two nights before the wedding and Puss is supervising.

Getting the chapel ready Thursday afternoon.

The bride getting her do the morning of.

The bride with her maid of honor - drinking champagne at 10 in the morning.

Dave and I all dressed up (can you tell I haven't really slept in almost a week).

Luc and Liette.

Maid of honor pretending it was sunny outside.

The cake - marble pound cake.

Something blue.

Sunday morning, Dave and I hosted a brunch for both families for the opening of the gifts.

My daughter worked so hard (and long hours) getting everything ready for the wedding. I was here to help her whenever she needed me. But you know what - it was all worth the hard work.

It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful couple.

Ginette and André's wedding

I've been living in a fantasy world for the past week so as soon as I wrap my mind around reality I will give you a full report of our day Saturday (hurricane Danny and all). In the meantime I wanted to share with you a picture of Ginette coming down the stairs and a picture of the newlyweds. As I am writing this they are on a plane heading for Italy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting ready :: Tuesday

Wedding week is going well. I am so proud of my daughter on how well she's organized with all the wedding preparations. Of course, anything she needs my help with... I'm here. I'm convinced that it's the pretty little final details that take up the most time to put together.

We are enjoying making signs...

... the wonderful men in our lives trying on tux and having shoes and shirts that don't fit.

And with all the wedding talk this week we still find time to visit the garden for the daily harvest.

Be well my friends and I will drop back in here before the big day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting ready :: Sunday

We are full-swing getting things in order for Ginette and André's wedding on Saturday. The bride-to-be is arriving tomorrow. She was scheduled to travel today but with all the warnings of Hurricane Bill she decided on traveling tomorrow morning.

- stuff in totes;
- steam iron;
- favors;
- candies, nuts and who knows what for a ''candy table''. I think the theme of this wedding should be chocolates - there is a lot of it involved in this wedding including the wedding cake, yum !

And the picture above is only one corner of our home right now. Everthing is at its place ready to be taken to its destination Thursday and Friday.

Yes, everyone that has told me in the past year how exciting this was all going to be - you were right. I am overflowing with joy and excitement.

Hurricane Bill missed us. All day yesterday they were warning about the heavy winds and rain that Bill would bring during the night and most of today. We got some wind and rain but nothing we haven't seen before around these parts. The picture below was taken early this afternoon at the wharf in Belliveau's Cove. The waves were going over the wharf.

Below - random picture of my orchid. It took 15 months to have it bloom again.

Warning for the up-coming week - you'll have to excuse me this week I might be acting crazy at times but you know ''my daughter is getting married''. Yippy !

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ocean and blueberries

Summer has arrived !!!! yay. It was a little slow getting here but it's here. For the next two weeks I am home from work; getting ready for our daughter's wedding on the 29th.

This afternoon Dave and I went to the beach... to fetch a stick (if you click on the picture below you can see said stick in my hand). Dave said I could'nt balance on that little post... a few years of yoga will help with balance. I needed a stick for...

... this silk screen wall-hang that my yoga instructor brought back from India. Last night I sewed the tabs with the wooden buttons and I wanted to hang it with a driftwood stick.

Blueberry season is here. We went this afternoon at a farm near Digby. To be honest, I am not crazy about baking with the big cultivated berries. I much prefer the wild smaller ones. But these big ones are delicious to eat whole by the handful, in yogourt or in my morning bowl of oats. There were lots that are not ripe yet.

Below - the new corner of our garden that we are working to get ready for next year. I will still plant in my raised beds that are right outside the back door but this lot will be mainly for potatoes, carrots and onions.

Have a good Monday tomorrow !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fête nationale des acadiens

Today was ''La Fête nationale des acadiens'' (National Acadian Day). If you don't know what an Acadian is, read here. Dave and I are very proud of our heritage and we have raised both our children in this tradition.

To celebrate this important event we have a noise parade called ''le tintamarre'' where cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. hit the road to make noise and wake up the village. Dave and I have been in the parade for the past 5 years but this year another event prevented us from going. But we took five minutes to wave at the noise parade as it was going by our house tonight.

Joyeuse Fête des Acadiens !!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water :: sacred element

We need water to survive. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. If you got lost in the wilderness (let's hope not) you can pretty much survive on water alone for days. We drink bottled water but we don't drink the water that has been sitting in plastic (yuk) jugs on the grocery store shelves for months. We get our water at this Spring that has been flowing for hundreds of years. The water comes from an underground lake.

Speaking of grocery stores, did you hear that Loblaws (Superstore) has dropped their prices on thousands of items. That's a good thing !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today :: in pictures

How much stuff can one person do in a day... WOW, I am so enjoying myself doing whatever pleases me during the day. Here is part of my day today - in pictures.

First let me say that the sun was shining brightly this morning. So first thing after morning coffee and hanging clothes outside to dry - a tour of the gardens.

Potted mums and gerber daisies for our daughter's up coming wedding at the end of the month.

Mid-morning homemade iced-tea. Try a few chunks of frozen fruit in your ice tea, it's delicious.

Some very muddy garden work... can you tell.

Lunch break - cumin rice and black beans.

This evening Dave and I joined some fine friends at the Belliveau's Cove Farmers Market site to feast on lobster and steamed clams and nice conversations. It was a beautiful end (sunset and all) to a perfect day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Showering the bride-to-be

Saturday Ginette's maid-of-honor Denise hosted a wedding shower for Ginette. Everyone had fun. I know some people don't like playing the typical shower games but I LOVE them. A shower without games would not (for me) be complete.

Part of the decor was framed pictures of the bride in her younger days.

At one point, Ginette had to answer questions about her groom and everytime she had one wrong she had to put another piece of bubble gum in her mouth. It was so funny, she made everyone laugh. In the end, she had a pretty big piece of gum to chew. But, in her defence, the questions were a little difficult.

Denise (maid-of-honor) explaining game rules. On the left is Ginette's cousin Joelene which was to be the bridesmaid but she's expecting a baby on August 20th so a replacement had to be found.

Opening gifts.
The cake. A double fudge chocolate cake with real gerber flowers and the little bride and groom belonged to Ginette's grand-mother LeBlanc which unfortunately died when Ginette was 7 years old. When Dave and I were cleaning the house after his parents died we found this cute bride and groom and underneath she had written on a piece of tape ''For my precious Ginette on her wedding day''. This was 21 years ago.

Last calendar page turned

I can't believe it was 12 months ago that our daughter announced their wedding date - August 29, 2009. Saturday we turned the calendar page for the last time before the wedding. Dave and I are so excited for the wedding. I know there will be mixed emotions that day.

Below - working on a special wedding decoration. The bride and groom are incorporating a lot of ''nature'' in their wedding decor. These are natural branches that are being entirely covered in satin ribbon. Actually there will be three branches covered - teal blue, chocolate brown and ivory. It is going to be soooooo beautiful when everything is completed.

Sunday we went to the annual Acadian Festival Parade.

If you click on the picture below to enlarge you'll see Dave waving at the crowd. His employer had a float in the parade.

Ginette and André :-)