Monday, August 3, 2009

Showering the bride-to-be

Saturday Ginette's maid-of-honor Denise hosted a wedding shower for Ginette. Everyone had fun. I know some people don't like playing the typical shower games but I LOVE them. A shower without games would not (for me) be complete.

Part of the decor was framed pictures of the bride in her younger days.

At one point, Ginette had to answer questions about her groom and everytime she had one wrong she had to put another piece of bubble gum in her mouth. It was so funny, she made everyone laugh. In the end, she had a pretty big piece of gum to chew. But, in her defence, the questions were a little difficult.

Denise (maid-of-honor) explaining game rules. On the left is Ginette's cousin Joelene which was to be the bridesmaid but she's expecting a baby on August 20th so a replacement had to be found.

Opening gifts.
The cake. A double fudge chocolate cake with real gerber flowers and the little bride and groom belonged to Ginette's grand-mother LeBlanc which unfortunately died when Ginette was 7 years old. When Dave and I were cleaning the house after his parents died we found this cute bride and groom and underneath she had written on a piece of tape ''For my precious Ginette on her wedding day''. This was 21 years ago.


Colleen said...

how sweet that Ginette's grandmother left that note for her under the bride and groom.

Barb said...

This must be getting exciting ~ the wedding is getting so close. And how special that you had the little bride and groom from her grandmother. Barb xo

Alli said...

Looks like great fun!! I am glad you are all participating in and enjoying this happy moment in your daughter's life!

JoyceAnn said...

I love playing games at showers too , life's to short not to have fun ..... any chance you get.

It's so wonderful that her Grandmother left a note letting you know what her intentions were for the Bride & Groom figurines , that's so special. My daughter used gerber daisies for her wedding , they are so pretty and colorful.

~ Special Blessings ~