Friday, August 17, 2012

Walk with me

Come with me, I will take you for a walk around the yard to see the gardens and what we have growing around these parts.  It has been an extremely hot and dry summer. 

 The in-ground garden further in the back field.  In here we have onions, calendula, golden beets, red beets and yellow beans.  We had to fence it in because the chickens were busy digging and eating everything in sight.

 Tomorrow I need to get out here and harvest a third round of calendula.

 Cukes - which we have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks.

Green onions.

Leek bursting into flower.

Lemon balm for bedtime tea int he evening.

Prayer flags to keep positive energy for the gardens.

Chime that Dave made earlier this summer.

Still green tomatoes.  The plants are loaded.  Hope we get ripe ones before it starts getting too cool.