Sunday, August 31, 2008

Celebrating :: family

As previously posted, our daughter Ginette is home from New Brunswick for the long weekend. Yesterday she mentions that her and Luc had a special family activity organized for this afternoon (weather permitting) but they kept it a secret until 11 a.m. this morning.

For many, many years they have both heard me mention (almost beg) to have a new family picture. Our last one was taken 13 years ago. So they went ahead and got a photographer (their cousin Joelene) to meet us at one of our favorite spots in the world ''the ocean'' to have a few pictures taken. We had fun in the process...

Here is a sample of what we got (please note that the quality of the original pictures is much better then these posted versions) :

Did I ever mention how much I love these two wonderful human beings... !!!!!

In a few weeks, our son will be moving out of our home to take on a job in a town 3.5 hours away. This is hard for me to accept, but I know, I know... he has to fly with his own wings.

Everything happens for a reason - this updated family picture could'nt have come at a better time.

I think with this post, entitled ''Celebrating :: family'' I might start a series of ''Celebrating'' posts.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy weekend ahead

This is the last long weekend of the Summer. Then it will be time to prepare the nest for the colder months to come. For the next three days, our home will be bursting with laughter, good food, some partying, campfires, friends and hopefully nice weather. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to our visitor (above). Puss has been with us for the past two weeks. Later tonight his owner Ginette is arriving from New Brunswick for an overdue visit and she is taking Puss back with her on Monday. We'll miss him but we sure will be happy to see our daugher, even if it's only for three days.

So I'm off to bake a blueberry buckle, stew chicken for tomorrow night's supper and fix Ginette's bed so it's all nice and comfy for her.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe long weekend.

Remembering Tasha

To celebrate Tasha Tudor's birthday yesterday (August 28) and to remember this wonderful woman and how she lived a simple life I baked her baking powder biscuits...

...then had a couple with some of the homemade blueberry jelly I made two days before and a cup of tea in the garden...

... then knitted for a while on the back porch. Remembering how simple can be beautiful !

Side note :: my new addiction is that very yummy blueberry jelly I made. One bottle is gone and seeing we only have 4 left, I might have to cook up another batch.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tasha's birthday and a celebration of life

Clarice over at Storybook Woods and many more wonderful blogging friends will celebrate Tasha Tudor Day on August 28th in celebration of this amazing woman's life. Clarice is inviting everyone to join in the celebration by having a cup of tea with biscuits in the garden, reading one of Tasha's books, etc. If you'd like to join in, let Clarice know and I'm wishing everyone a happy celebration of life.

I'll post pictures of my celebration.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swap happiness

A couple of months ago I registered to be part of a pin cushion and needlebook swap through this wonderful lady. Rachel from New Zealand was my swap buddy. I enjoyed this swap very much. I plan on registering for others in the future, they are such a nice way to meet wonderful bloggers that eventually become your friends. Please check Rachel's blog, she's an amazing mother and all around great homesteader.

Yesterday I got my pin cushion and needlebook from Rachel. I'm hoping Rachel will get her parcel from me sooner than later. Look at the fine work she did for me. Seeing that I've just recently started to sew, I did'nt own a pin cushion neither a needlebook. And a bonus was included in the parcel - a dishcloth made up like the New Zealand flag. What a beautiful souvenir of our new found friendship. I can't think of anyone around that has a dishcloth like mine :-)

I love everything Rachel, thank you so much !

Blue everywhere...

I forgot... we went blueberry picking last weekend on a farm. Look at those bushes packed with berries. And look at that beautiful blue sky.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Away and back

Dave and I are back from visiting with our daughter in New Brunswick this past week. As usual, the best part of our visit was spending time with Ginette. However, there are so many amazing and beautiful places to visit and explore.

My daughter found this nice wool shop that sits within walking distance of their home. I bought wool to knit a winter hat for myself. We love having our pictures taken in cut-out figures like the one below.

When we got to the house Ginette was still at work so we took Meeko outside for fresh air...

... as we were clearing the car from all our belongings, Meeko invites himself in. He loves going for car rides.

There she is, home from work.

And of course, we can't go to Moncton without having at least one meal at Calactus which I posted about here.

On Thursday while Ginette was at work we took Meeko for a car ride. We ended up here...

... at the Belliveau Winery. We bought a bottle of Raspberry wine (which was very good by the way).

Friday was National Acadian Day (Fête nationale des acadiens). All acadians celebrate this holiday but no where is it more celebrated then in New Brunswick. The picture below is a prime example of the Acadian Pride.

Ginette had asked that her papa install a flag pole on their back deck.

The tomato patch in the back yard.

More Meeko cuteness...

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation. I return to work on Monday morning. My one month vacation was sooooooo nice and relaxing but I'm looking forward to seeing my co-workers on Monday morning.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


A local businessman initiated the process to do some fundraising and build this amazing playground in the village of Meteghan. Last evening when we knew no kids would be around (because we did'nt have kids with us, we did'nt want parents to think Dave and I were kidnappers) we went for a tour of the playground.

Frenchy's and Antiques

In between Dave's blueberry picking we managed to drop into Frenchy's and the antique store. Dave found this steel drum at Frenchy's.

I found a nice hand-embroidered linen tablecloth at the antique store and...

Dave got himself the 1866 (first copyright) version of Longfellow's poem ''Evangeline''. It sits on the shelf right next to my statue of Evangéline.

Bleuberries and the fog

Dave loves picking blueberries and this summer it's a very productive year as far as berries go. He went four times since last week and we now have a 10 litre container full in the freezer for the upcoming winter season. Yesterday I baked a pie and two loaves of zucchini/blueberry bread.

Last night after blueberry picking we went to Mavillette Beach. Ah, the good old Maritime fog. We hardly ever get fog inland (as seen in the top picture of Dave and his blueberries). Me with coffee in hand and Dave with his energy drink.

I found a heart rock to add to my collection in the garden.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yoga and Nature

6:30 a.m. Wednesday, August 6, 2008 - waiting for my ride (fellow yogi Debbie) to head out to the much anticipated yoga/nature retreat at Birchdale Lake. Debbie and I were only able to attend for one day this year (the retreat last two weeks) but we are definetely making plans to go for one week next year. We drove 87km in the woods, so yes, this is very much a nature retreat :-)

We did'nt want to miss-out on this very special guest ...

Yogiji - a guru from India. He might look serious in this picture (picture borrowed from Kerry Lawson's website) but he is a very bubbly and friendly person.

Above - Debbie posing in front of the building where we had our 3 asana practices and 1 pranayama practice.

Below - yours truly in front of one of the cabins. If we seem overly dressed and wrapped in blankets it's because it was 7 degrees when we got there at 7:45 a.m. It went up to 17 in the afternoon sun. We had a fabulously sunny day.

We had 3 asana practices during the day and the evening ended with a pranayama exercise. In between the sessions it was free time i.e. nature hikes, swimming in the lake, canoe, biking, talking with newly made friends, etc. or just laying in the hammock, reading and waking up with your book fallen to the ground...

Meals were a group effort. All meals were prepared and eaten in the main lodge.

However, I must comment that the most important thing that I've gotten out of this retreat is that I'm not as conscious ''in the moment'' as I thought I was. Yesterday made me realize that and I want to work on it.

Yogiji saved the best for last - the pranayama session. If you breathe properly - you'll be in the moment...

BREATHE my friends but don't forget to smile :-) !!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A little piece of heaven

We had a small family gathering at my brother's house tonight so we could all spend some quality time with our sister Carol that's visiting from Ontario (she's on the left). On the right is my sister-in-law, Annette. We had drunken chicken with all sorts of goody salads. For dessert - 3 kinds of pie and a blueberry coffee cake.

Left to right - my sister's husband, Paul; brother Ken and Dave.

A few random pictures from outside their home. I love coming here, it's such a peaceful spot in the forest. They live on a lake... a little piece of heaven, what else can I say.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Quilts : or Art ?... or both

Anyone that knows me now that I LOVE anything handmade. I am overjoyed when I receive a gift and it was handmade with love. My sister is visiting from Ontario and earlier this week we went with my mom and brother to a quilt exposition in a local church. All quilts were made by local ladies. I can't say they were all ''handmade'' - some were machine stitched (but still very beautiful; I love both hand and machine stitched). What you see in the picture below was only half of the quilts on display. It litteraly takes your breath away when you first walk in.

Below - my visiting sister. This was ''one'' of my favorites.

Two pictures below are the same quilt - made by my aunt. Amazing isn't it ! her hand stitching is finer than machine stitching.

But I have to tell you a story before you view the next picture. My husband's parents died exactly one month apart - July 10 and August 10, 20 years ago. A short while after the funeral Dave and I went to clear the house because we had sold it. I guess some boxes ended up in our attic because two weeks ago when we were cleaning our attic we found and opened one of the boxes and found 6 quilt tops that Dave's mom had hand sewn. One quilt in particular, Dave gasped when he saw it, he said that he remembers helping his mom cut those tiny little squares when he was ill in bed for an entire school year with rheumatic fever. He was 7 years old ! I could'nt hold back tears, I was so touched by the expression of joy on his face. Memories are so good for your soul... don't you think ?

So I could'nt put that quilt top back in the box, even though it smelled like the attic big time. I washed it, put it to air dry outside, found a huge piece of flannel at Frenchy's and some binding and presented Dave with his quilt (see below). I am not going to stitch it, I will tie it with red wool here and there in the quilt.

We've decided that this quilt is our official picnic blanket !

And while we're on the subject of quilts, I must post ''a second time'' a picture of a very special quilt that was handmade by a very special friend and offered to me. You can read more about it here.

Have a good weekend everyone and hope you make someone happy.