Monday, March 19, 2012

A chinese-japanese meal

Last night's supper at our son and his wife's home. First let me tell you that up to about a month ago I DID NOT like sushi. Than, as everyone kept telling me, it happened... this same daughter-in-law invited me over when she and a friend of her's made sushi and I loved it. That same evening I even craved for more. Prior to this I had tried it about five times and I just could'nt get over the gagging that occured. But I wanted to ''love'' (or at least like it) it as much as my friends did so I kept on trying.

I'm not at the raw-fish stage yet. Veggies and smoked salmon are yummy.
The boys had take-away chinese.
Thank you Liette... it's because of you that I love sushi. I'm eager to try it in a restaurant to see if I love it as much as yours.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Muffin thief

Saturday while ''the girls'' and I were outside pruning the raspberries...

... this was going on inside !

He (or she) spent two hours of home alone time bringing two coconut flour muffins in his stash upstairs (in Ginette's old bedroom). I love these little creatures of nature but enough is enough. We had to trap him in the humane trap on Sunday and brought him at the lake (a 10 minute drive from our home). So yes, he could be back.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still here

It's been a while my friends. Truth is, I did'nt really have anything to blog about. We are all fine, enjoying life every single day as much as we can. You know, each day is a gift... but you knew that right.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of enjoying a Spring-like day !

I had help pruning the raspberries. These happy girls are still giving us 6 eggs a day.

Ahhhhh, the fresh scent of line dried clothes.

Neighbours on a morning walk with their horses.

Lovely wooden bird given to me by my daughter from a recent visit to Cuba.

Made muffins. Used coconut flour instead of wheat flour. And yes, they were delicious. Next blog post I will show you who else thought they were good.