Monday, March 19, 2012

A chinese-japanese meal

Last night's supper at our son and his wife's home. First let me tell you that up to about a month ago I DID NOT like sushi. Than, as everyone kept telling me, it happened... this same daughter-in-law invited me over when she and a friend of her's made sushi and I loved it. That same evening I even craved for more. Prior to this I had tried it about five times and I just could'nt get over the gagging that occured. But I wanted to ''love'' (or at least like it) it as much as my friends did so I kept on trying.

I'm not at the raw-fish stage yet. Veggies and smoked salmon are yummy.
The boys had take-away chinese.
Thank you Liette... it's because of you that I love sushi. I'm eager to try it in a restaurant to see if I love it as much as yours.

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Colleen said...

wow, you girls really had a sushi feast!! great job on the rolling Liette, i know how difficult that is.

i love maki rolls too. avocado is my favourite but i also like vegetable tempura too.

i am not really a fan of sashimi (raw fish).

good for you giving it another try Vickie!!