Sunday, June 27, 2010

To the beach we went

As we had promised ourselves - we finished a few little tid bits around the home and we headed to the beach for a fun afternoon of beachcombing and beachglass finding.

Back to work tomorrow. A three-day week for me next week then 2 full weeks and I'm on vacation for a month.

Nature's beauty

It's much nicer outside today than it was yesterday. We have a few minor things to get done around here than we are heading to the ocean. Sometimes I wish I had a great big fence and gate around our property and ''never'' (almost) leave. I love it here ...

After yesterday's capture of 6 of these little cuties in the humane trap, this morning we counted 3 more but these ones we will keep around as long as they stay outside.

The girls want to say hi.

I think this is Agnes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love & Peace

We've had a full day of chores and it will be most of the same tomorrow. Weather wise it was completely overcast but it did'nt rain. To sum things up :

- first things first - my cup of hot strong coffee.
- Farmers' Market only to find that my favorite cheese lady wasn't there today. But on the upside, there was this fabulous ''and delicious'' french backery. No goat cheese feta for us this week.
- drove 45 minutes to find out that the u-pick strawberry farm closed 15 minutes ago.
- weeded a flower garden that was in great need of cleaning. Looks good now !
- caught 6 squirrels in the humane trap, driving 10 minutes X6 from our home to drop them off in the forest (they're too friendly and take over our home and this year we HAVE A LOT around. We love them dearly but we just can't have them come in the house).
- made arugula pesto and sun-dried tomato hummus.
- to force ourselves to stop working in the yard we headed to the ocean for a nice walk (these two pictures were taken during said walk).

Wishing all of you Love and Peace always !

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goat cheese, coyotes and foxgloves

Dave and I visit the Belliveau's Cove Farmers Market every Saturday morning. One lady there has the most incredible homemade goat cheese. This time we got the greek feta. Along with a few additions we gathered after we got home, it was the perfect lunch.

We've spotted two coyotes behind our neighbor's barn Thursday evening when it was still a little bit light outside. They are getting to be a problem in Nova Scotia - an over-population and too social. They are being seen on school playgrounds. The government has put a bonty on them.

Beautiful pansies from the garden...


Foxgloves are bi-annual, I almost forget I have them until I spot this in the garden next to the chicken coop.

Freshly painted wooden rocking chair. Bright colors make me happy !

Monday, June 14, 2010

CSN Stores :: Another review

I think CSN Stores liked what I did with my first review. They've contacted me for another one.

We live in a 200 year old farmhouse. Although I would'nt have it any other way, there is always renovations to be made to an older home. Lately we've been thinking of replacing the bathroom vanity but it's taking me a longer than usual time to decide on a style. Of course I checked the CSN stores and came upon this site. It is unreal what they have over there. Check it out. There are so many favorites that I'm still trying to decide on one.

While surfing the many CSN Stores I came upon a few of my favs. I have my eye on this, this, this, this and this. Ever since CSN Stores contacted me for my first product review I've been regularly checking all their stores (200+ stores). Everything is here, I can't see why I have to go spend hours in a shopping mall or big box store to find what I need. I can do it from the comfort of my home, in my pj's if I so choose. They ship to Canada, yes folks they know where Canada is and they don't mind shipping here. That in my book - rocks !

How many times on this blog have I mentioned how much I love cooking fresh, organic wholesome meals - many times, too many to count. Making bread is probably one of my favorite things to do. It's like meditation to me, just like knitting is to me also. I often bake the famous no-knead bread. This bread is DELICIOUS. One tool I'm missing in my kitchen is this clay baker to bake this wonderful bread in :

So far I've managed to bake a pretty good loaf with the vessel I use but clay bakeware bakes evenly and you end up with a perfect loaf of bread. Yum.

Stay tuned for my next product review and see if it will be on the clay baker or something else.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Having fun with nothing

A few weeks ago my brother and SIL stopped by to see the chicken coop in progress (they are also raising chickens this year and have built a pretty awesome coop themselves). My SIL and I pretty much live the same way - simple and organic. Both lovers of Nature.

Something my SIL said really stuck with me... ''we have fun with nothing''. So true ! I find pleasure and joy right in my back yard, gardening, campfire making and now raising chickens.

This evening in pictures :

Strawberry bed looking nice and green.

New this year, our in-ground garden. We still have our 9 raised beds beside the back door.

Dave the camp fire maker.

First night the chicks were let outside in their run. They did'nt venture too much further than the little ramp at the door. I am enjoying this chicken raising so much.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moving day

In pouring rain, high winds, this morning Dave and I made the final touches to the chicken coop so the six babes could spend their first day in their new home.

That's right, with a little bit of sadness in my heart, today was moving day.

Everything is so nice and clean. Walls are sunshine yellow and the floor is terra cotta. That little door will be their access outside in their enclosure. But that will only happy in a week. They have to stay in the coop for at least one week to get used to their new home.

They acted kind of silly at first. After three weeks in a banana box they were ready to rumble.

I hope their first night is a good one. They have a light that will stay on for the night.