Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love & Peace

We've had a full day of chores and it will be most of the same tomorrow. Weather wise it was completely overcast but it did'nt rain. To sum things up :

- first things first - my cup of hot strong coffee.
- Farmers' Market only to find that my favorite cheese lady wasn't there today. But on the upside, there was this fabulous ''and delicious'' french backery. No goat cheese feta for us this week.
- drove 45 minutes to find out that the u-pick strawberry farm closed 15 minutes ago.
- weeded a flower garden that was in great need of cleaning. Looks good now !
- caught 6 squirrels in the humane trap, driving 10 minutes X6 from our home to drop them off in the forest (they're too friendly and take over our home and this year we HAVE A LOT around. We love them dearly but we just can't have them come in the house).
- made arugula pesto and sun-dried tomato hummus.
- to force ourselves to stop working in the yard we headed to the ocean for a nice walk (these two pictures were taken during said walk).

Wishing all of you Love and Peace always !

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Colleen said...

Wow, 6 squirrels -- this is a lot! Love and Peace to you as well!! xox