Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CSN Stores :: product review coming soon

I am very much a homebody. Anyone that knows me can attest to that. I love our 200 year
old farmhouse it is our little piece of paradise and when I get home from work it takes a
lot to get me back out in the “real world”; especially going in stores with crowds to buy
stuff we need. I want to stay home to tend my organic vegetable gardens and cook with those yummy veggies. With today’s technology I find myself venturing more and more into
on-line shopping and might I add that I have had only positive results so far.

Today I found CSN. I never heard of them before but after discovering them this morning,
I spent my entire lunch hour browsing through the numerous products they offer. I just could'nt stop myself. They have over 200 stores to shop from with brand name products that we all could use, from cookware to cameras, to kids bedding. I'm not in the market for kids bedding at the moment but I almost wanted one of those baby cribs just to admire the beauty.

One of CSN’s stores is cookware.com. Let me tell you right now, you’ll want to check
them out. I already have a list of favorites. I’ve been looking for a clay baker to bake
my no-knead bread for over a year, they have it. Yes, I’ve clay bakers on-line but the shipping was more than the actual cost of the product. Am I the only one that hates it when this happens.

Enough said, you’ll have to visit to see all the cool stuff they carry in their wonderful stores. I am so excited because I get to review the Le Creuset 12-Ounce Petite Oval Casserole.

My ancestors are from France so my love of cooking (...and eating) dates way back and I prefer
the slow movement for cooking so products like this casserole are the perfect addition to my cooking tools. Go ahead check them out, if you don’t you’ll miss out on a great deal and let someone else have a go at it.

Stay tuned for my review of this product.


JoyceAnn said...

Hi Vickie ~ I'm going to check-out the CSN , sounds like they have some great stuff.

~ Be Blessed ~

Alli said...

I will definitely check it out right now! :) Thanks for the tip!

Colleen said...

love le creuset pots - great choice.

Setu said...

Bonjour Vic, je passe ici un peu par hasard. Je veux juste partager mon expérience : j'ai une cocotte "Le Creuset" (la même que la vôtre, mais en rouge) depuis vingt ans et elle n'a pas pris une seule ride malgré une utilisation fréquente. On y mitonne de bonnes petites choses! Mmmm...
Un grand salut depuis la Bretagne, (où nous avons quelques descendants des Acadiens qui s'y sont fixés après leur déplacement).