Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still here

It's been a while my friends. Truth is, I did'nt really have anything to blog about. We are all fine, enjoying life every single day as much as we can. You know, each day is a gift... but you knew that right.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of enjoying a Spring-like day !

I had help pruning the raspberries. These happy girls are still giving us 6 eggs a day.

Ahhhhh, the fresh scent of line dried clothes.

Neighbours on a morning walk with their horses.

Lovely wooden bird given to me by my daughter from a recent visit to Cuba.

Made muffins. Used coconut flour instead of wheat flour. And yes, they were delicious. Next blog post I will show you who else thought they were good.


MargaretJ said...

Nice to see you back. Always enjoy your posts.

Sherrie said...

P was talking about 'picking' your hens' eggs on the weekend! We stayed with friends who have hens, and he was quick to tell them that he's good at picking eggs. Thanks again for letting him - it had quite an impact! :)

Sara said...

we've had our first line of wash on the line the smell. It took me a while to appreciate it. For years I liked the smell of dryer sheets better! I got over that, but still like the feel of towels better if they've been in the dryer. (but, yes, I put the towels on the line too!)

Colleen said...

what gorgeous photos and i absolutely LOVE that wooden hummingbird!!

Elece Hollis said...

I love the bird. Very nice.