Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting ready :: Sunday

We are full-swing getting things in order for Ginette and André's wedding on Saturday. The bride-to-be is arriving tomorrow. She was scheduled to travel today but with all the warnings of Hurricane Bill she decided on traveling tomorrow morning.

- stuff in totes;
- steam iron;
- favors;
- candies, nuts and who knows what for a ''candy table''. I think the theme of this wedding should be chocolates - there is a lot of it involved in this wedding including the wedding cake, yum !

And the picture above is only one corner of our home right now. Everthing is at its place ready to be taken to its destination Thursday and Friday.

Yes, everyone that has told me in the past year how exciting this was all going to be - you were right. I am overflowing with joy and excitement.

Hurricane Bill missed us. All day yesterday they were warning about the heavy winds and rain that Bill would bring during the night and most of today. We got some wind and rain but nothing we haven't seen before around these parts. The picture below was taken early this afternoon at the wharf in Belliveau's Cove. The waves were going over the wharf.

Below - random picture of my orchid. It took 15 months to have it bloom again.

Warning for the up-coming week - you'll have to excuse me this week I might be acting crazy at times but you know ''my daughter is getting married''. Yippy !

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JoyceAnn said...

Glad to hear Bill has come and gone , now you can focus on that wonderful day ahead. Hope it's all she dreams of and more. A chocolate theme,sounds like a perfect wedding to me (LOL).
The orchid is beautiful , it was worth the wait !!

~ Many Blessings ~