Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Product review :: juicer

Wheat grass is a good thing to have in your diet. After a few months of gathering the appropriate equipment (wheat grass juicer), ordering organic seeds to grow our own wheat grass and waiting for said crop to grow, Dave and I gave it a go tonight. We've already had shots of the stuff before so we knew it's not the best tasting drink to have...

Full trays of wheat grass growing in the warm January sun.

This is the product from CSN Stores that needs a review from me. It's a beauty of a machine, all stainless and best of all - you don't need electricity to run it, it's all manual crank. No assembly required except screw on the crank and presto you have a wheat grass juicer.
A side note - with all the praise I've done on all my previous deliveries this one was pretty banged-up when it got here but the juicer did'nt have one scratch so that's all that matters, right !
Unfortunately, I am sad to report that our much awaited juicer did not deliver as we had hoped. I can't blame the juicer, we think it's the wheat grass that doesn't give enough liquid. This batch I had grown in soil and I think it should be grown in my green sprouter and than you would have more liquid coming from the roots. Anyways, that's the only solution we have for now. I'm going to start a crop in the sprouter and we'll see the results in a little over a week.
From an entire tray of wheat grass we each had one tablespoon of liquid. Which should have been more than that.
Stay tuned for the results of plan B with the wheat grass.


Kim said...

Aw that is too bad that your first batch didn't turn put well.

Are you familiar with kefir? I just got some kefir grains this past Sat and have been making a batch each day. A bit of an acquired taste but nice and supposedly very healthy.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Yes Kim, I'm very familiar with Kefir. Dave and I used to drink it daily but seems that in the past few years we kinda left it aside for no real reason actually. I love the texture and taste.

Alli said...

I hope plan B works! Definitely keep us posted.

I love that the juicer is human powered! :)

I will have to look into kefir. Sounds intriguing.

Colleen said...

thank you for sharing your experience with wheatgrass and the handcrank juicer.

I can't wait to hear about the results from your next experiment.