Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Down time... alone time

I had some vacation time I needed to take before the end of the month so that being said... I'm on vacation til next Wednesday. Today was my first day and what a beautiful day it was. I love spending time with my family but I also enjoy my time alone - ''home alone''.

Put laundry outside to dry - look at that clear blue sky.

This little hooked ornament needed to be washed in cold water (it's handmade of 100% wool). These works of art are made Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. They can be found all over the world. This one was given to Dave as a thank you gift for giving a speech at a conference - 25 years ago.

And what would a nice summer ''vacation'' day be without a few hours spent in the garden...

The two pictures that follow show tomato plants that were planted at the exact same time from the same batch, posted here. The first picture shows the two that were planted without the watering bottles and the second picture show those that were watered through the inserted bottles. It's amazing to see the difference but they will still produce fabulous tomatoes for us to enjoy later in the Summer.

The potatoes are up to their second box...

I love this lady's blog, check it out. She has the most amazing recipes. I made the black bean burger for supper tonight. I had mine on a whole wheat grilled bun. I enjoyed the burger very much, I will certainly be cooking it again.

Forecast for tomorrow - sunny and warm ! Yahoo, outside I go again.


Barb said...

That's hooked rug is quite beautiful - what a lovely gift.

And your bean burger looks so good, I could wish I could reach through the screen and grab it for a bite. Barb

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb - the black bean burger was actually tasty and good. It looks like ground beef doesn't it. I think I'm going to dump a can of tomatoes in the remaining mixture and eat it on rice - Black Beans on Rice.

JoyceAnn said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me. I love my alone time too.
Wonderful hooked ornament ~~~ and the sky does look beautiful ~~~~~ enjoy your time off.

~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

Colleen said...

What a cute little hooked ornament; so sweet.
I love the smell of sheets dried on the line all day!
Your garden looks fantastic - everything seems to be soooooooo super healthy and green.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

joyceann - I'm still checking your blog every day. It sometimes amazes me how much we have in common... you're sure we don't know each other?he, he, he.