Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two families

Two weeks ago when Ginette was home to talk wedding stuff she had a mishap with her Toyota Matrix. In plain words - it broke down while she was here. So she went back to Moncton on the Digby/St. John ferry and her fiancé was on the other side to pick her up. We kept the car and had it repaired at the dealership in Yarmouth. Dave and I went to Moncton late last week to deliver the car to its ''happy'' owner. She sure was content to get her car back.

André's family is from New Brunswick so we never got a chance to get to know them and since the wedding is in two months Ginette and André thought it would be nice to bring both families together (Luc wasn't with us). We had a delicious BBQ and afterwards we went bowling. We had a ball. Thank you Ginette and André for bringing the two families together before the wedding. André's other sister and her boyfriend joined us later.

Grooms father, sister, stepmom, André, Ginette and Dave.

André's new car.

And of course we need a picture of Meeko.


Eco Yogini said...

Oh My goodness- I know Ginette!!! I went to Amicamp with her (I'm pretty sure anyways!). what a small world!

that's fantastic that you got to meet with his family- it's so important. and so exciting that she's getting married!! :)

the first time my parents met Andrew's (his parents live in St John) i was very nervous. They got along fine though- I have no idea why i was so stressed haha (lots of wine was had, so that seemed to help me hehe).

Vickie LeBlanc said...

A small world it is indeed. I'm going to show your blog to Ginette next time she's visiting. Yup, she sure loved going to Amicamp.

Gi said...

Hi there, very small world it is! Don't know much about seeing other poeple's Blogs but like to know 'Eco Yogini' real name...might remember her from AmiCamp!! Mom - we had a great time when you and pape were up!! xoxo

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi Gi,

Let's wait and see if Eco Yogini will see this comment. I think I know her name but I'll wait for her reply. Elle est de par-en-bas. Son blog est awesome.