Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada's Birthday

We are so lucky to be able to call Canada home. You only have to watch the evening news for an hour and you will quickly come to the conclusion that Canada is one great country to live in. My only wish right now is that the rain would stop for a while and the sun would come out.

At 8 a.m. this morning Luc (left) and his friend Sylvain (right) left for their much anticipated vacation to Maine. Please keep them in your thoughts that they are safe on those highways.

This morning Dave and I went to a U-Pick strawberries. I needed 12 baskets - make jam (not freezer, we prefer the regular jam), freeze some whole for pies and smoothies, eat some every day for a week, desserts and other stuff that we'll think about I'm sure. Those strawberries up there, they're not from the U-Pick. They're from our own garden. And those little black specs you see on the berries, they're not bugs it's dirt (did I mention how much it's been raining in these parts). Our 14 little canes that we planted just last summer are supplying us with a daily feed of berries.

I must leave you with this funny image I took this evening. These are all mailboxes for various bills. I guess the owner doesn't like getting his hydro bills... (click on image to enlarge).


sherrieg said...

That mailbox is hilarious! :)

Eco Yogini said...

hahaha that's awesome! is that around your way?? lol. so funny- at home it's so rural that the post office lady would call mom/dad up and tell them what she thought! hehe.

Strawberries!!!! yay! I'm excited, we have TWO that are redish on our balcony- can't wait!

Also- I'd love to meet you sometime! just let me know when you're up in Halifax :)

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Eco Yogini (i love that name so much), yes, the mailboxes are in back of Church Point.

I'm in Halifax tomorrow but it's a very quick run to the mall to try and find a mother of the bride dress but if I go by the Commons and see a crazy :-) lady doing yoga I'll beep the horn.

Eco Yogini said...

haha- I WISH it will be sunny enough for yoga in the park... :( oh well- Soon!

have fun dress shopping~ :)