Sunday, July 5, 2009

Am I going to circus school

Remember at the beginning of the year when I mentioned that this year was a special one for me. I turn 50 in November and I am making a list (said list is on the fridge) of ''special'' gifts to myself during 2009. So far on the list, water rafting, a one week yoga retreat and I am seriously thinking of learning how to build a teepee and putting one up in the field in back of our home. Yesterday we went to Halifax and zooming through on the highway, what do I see in the corner of my eye-Circus School. It has since been added to my list. And they even have a combined acrobat/yoga workshop.

I'm not thinking of quiting my day job yet but this would be so awesome as a workshop just for the weekend.

I'm not using turning 50 as an excuse to act in strange ways, do silly things or attrack attention to myself but this is right up my ally.


Kim said...

If I weren't afraid of heights, that may be cool :)

Colleen said...

circus school sound awesome - I say go for it!!!!!

Barb said...

Wow circus school - no chance you'll run away to the circus after this is there??? LOL Barb xo

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb - lol. Nope, I'd just like to try it for a weekend.

JoyceAnn said...

Sounds like fun to me , Go for it !

~ Be Blessed ~