Friday, May 14, 2010

The chicks are here

They are only one day old. Dave and I picked them up after work this afternoon. I love the chirping sound they make. They are in their box, under their heat lamp in the kitchen (the newsprint you see there did'nt stay for long. Dave went and got some wood shavings. No way those cuties are living in a box lined with poison).

Oh, if Puss could see them. Maybe it's best not, he would turn into a hunter.


Alli said...

They are SO cute!!!! :)

I hope Halifax changes its laws soon so I can have my own hens!

PS. Congrats on meeting David Suzuki! He is also one of the people I would love to meet in my lifetime!

JoyceAnn said...

Awwww ~ they're precious. Looking forward to hearing stories about them as they develop into beautiful chickens.

~ Happy Day ~

Kim said...

They are so cute! I wish they coudl stay that size :)

Colleen said...

OH MY GOD, they are SO CUTE!!! Oh I LOVE them so much. Give them each a kiss for me.