Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've mentioned countless times how much I love nature and pretty much every creature you find out there. Birds being right up there with dragonflies and lady bugs. I haven't posted frenchy's finds lately (actually in a very long time) so here are a few of my latest finds at Frenchy's...

Last summer we bought straw from a local market to put between our potatoe rows and there must have been hay in there somewheres because we got plenty of wheat. It was a pest in the garden but sure looks pretty in this antique pitcher I found about a month ago at Frenchy's.

A mama bird with her baby; love, love. And my favorite color... how lucky am I.

There are two candle holders in this picture. The double-one in the background I found last year at Frenchy's but the one in front I found last weekend. It holds my beeswax candle perfectly.


JoyceAnn said...

Beautiful birds , love all your finds.

New Year Blessings to You and Dave !

MargaretJ said...

Nice finds!