Monday, November 28, 2011

T'is the season...

... to start the Christmas preparations. I've said it a million times before ''my favorite part of Christmas is the weeks leading up to the big day''. The kids, Dave and I have always celebrated Christmas on the 24th. For me, everything is blaaahhhh on the 25th. We jam-pack a whole lot of goodness on Christmas Eve day.

Yesterday Dave and I headed deeper in the woods to fetch the necessities for the outside decorations. We keep things plain and simple outside... inside, well that's another story. Now that outside has been taken care of, let's start inside.

I am putting up stuff one bit at a time.

I was in New Brunswick over the weekend and picked-up this beauty. I can't remember the german name for it; I call it the wooden german merry-go-round. (Note to self - yes, you have to keep an eye on it when it's lit. Two of the propeller thingy almost caught on fire).

I am starting to prefer roasted pumpkin to boiled for making purée for baking.

This week I am also getting ready for our annual ugly christmas sweater party taking place this Saturday. Pictures to follow I'm sure.


Eco Yogini said...

oh i love the decorations!! Andrew and I tried fallen "sapin" branches one year.... and predictably they lost all their needles and made a mess haha.

I agree w you, it's all about the "Yulemas" eve :)

colleen said...

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!!!

i love your german candle carousel (pyramid)

check out this youtube video:

Alli said...

I love decorating for Christmas too...however this year we will be in Mexico so no decorating for me. However, roasted pumpkin pie is definitely on my list before we leave! I too prefer them roasted to boiled. :)

Sara said...

What are the branches you're holding? I'd like to find some of those!!