Monday, May 2, 2011

In the garden we went

Some favorites of the weekend :

- three protected tomato plants; raspberry canes, zukes and sugar pumpkins. Everything has to be protected from the dirt-loving chickens.

- a repurposed crow from my son's garbage pile now hanging around our strawberry patch. Let's see if this year we can scare away the ''real'' crows.

- beautiful blue skies all weekend.

- basil seedlings.

- see that huge window that Luc is holding in back of Dave's lawn tractor ? stay tuned, I'm hoping to show you the finished product that this window was used for.

A few link love for you :

I need to make one of these for my side of the bed.

I love pyrex and although I have more than my share of bowls, I don't have one of these.

I have a special connection with bloggers from Maine and this one is no different. Maine has so many similar caracteristics to us here in Atlantic Canada.

Hope everyone had a good Monday and that the sun is starting to shine in your neck of the woods.


Colleen said...

love, love, love the gardening photos. my strawberry plants arrived last friday and we got them in the ground on the weekend. we had to build a fence around them so that our crazy dog doesn't stomp all over them.
hee hee

sherrie said...

Yay, the garden! That butter dish is adorable. I found a set of three mixing bowls in that pattern at Frenchy's in Tusket awhile ago, but they wanted $8 each! Since I'm not a collector, I left them there. :)