Saturday, April 30, 2011


Thank you so much for all the get well soon messages. You are all special friends (and I wish those that are lurking would find the courage to leave comments. I would love to hear from you; honest). My pneumonia is ''almost'' gone. Antibiotics were done yesterday and I still need the puffer for another week. Most important, my mom is doing very well also. Who knew how serious (life treatening) low sodium could be.

Here are a few snipets from around our home :

Table next to my rocking chair.

This year's pussywillow pick.

Beautiful sunshine we got to enjoy today.

Elemental dishes - fire, air, water (times two) and earth, one green and one brown, finally displayed in their new(old) armoire. Estimated to be around 120 years old.

Fresh morning eggs waiting to be washed and stored. Sherrie, this is my egg holder that I've mentioned earlier this week.

Baywindow with some of my favorite things. See that fishing basket ? given to me by my brother when they moved last Fall. It was handmade by a dear friend of my father's who passed away last year. The giant hornets nest I found years ago. Can you tell my favorite color is blue ? Heart-shapped stained glass in the window - bought at a yardsale a couple of years ago for 25 cents. The little woodland fairy hanging in the window - a special 50th birthday gift from my dear niece. Our home is a simple, fonctionnal farmhouse with some antiques (wish I had more). I don't like an arts and craft home. All the rafia, heart-shaped everything, plaid, forest green and burgendy. So yes, I don't really like that wallpaper, needs to go. But you see, neither Dave nor I really like the tedious task of removing wallpaper. This home was ''papared'' wall to wall, upstairs and downstairs and over the years we've taken it all down except for this tiny corner and the den (which we are afraid to remove because we know underneath it's old, very old, plaster that will come falling down with the paper). Oh, and I don't go for border paper either. I love clean painted walls.

Did a lot of yard work today. Should have a post for you tomorrow.

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Alli said...

I am so glad to hear that both you and your mom are feeling better! You have a beautiful house very close to my own heart! I LOVE the hornet's nest and fishing basket!!!