Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cleaning the grounds

The wet snow we got Friday and early Saturday melted as soon as it hit the ground and that's a good thing ! Today was the perfect day to empty the compost bin for that nice black earth, go through the in-ground vegetable garden with the thiller, creating a new spot for the pumpkin patch (with the help of the girls of course), hoping that old faithful Mr. Thiller will serve us good for just one more season and knowing that the way we are living here suits our lifestyle perfectly and appreciating each and every day we are given here on this beautiful earth.

Something not related to gardening but still nice... since starting this blog 4 years ago I have been inspired by so many like-minded bloggers, found delicious recipes, knitting and sewing patterns, organic gardening tips, homemade cleaners and beauty products and most of these are found through links that my favorite bloggers share. I think ''if I like it, someone out there might want to know about it too'' so here goes a list of a few of the things I'm loving these days :

I love poka dots and I adore folk art, so owning one of these would be a joy just in time for Easter.

This cake pan will be in my cupboard at one point this year. Finding this pan is perfect timing seeing this year I am studying bee keeping.

Something on my bucket list for a while is making a quilt. Can't wait to see this in my mailbox later this week.

This could possibly be my next etsy purchase. Years ago, when I was a wee little girl, my grand parents had one of these and I loved it.

Wishing everyone a good start of the week tomorrow and let's hope we'll be hearing those Spring peepers soon.


Shelby said...

I love reading your makes me wish I could hop right in and join your homelife!

Colleen said...

the chickens look soooooo happy outside!

we will be renting a rototiller again this year. we still have one more square to do and i will also expand the garden a bit too. i need to make room for my strawberries that will be arriving late april. i can't wait for the warmer weather to get here and stay.

i just love those polka-dot chickens with the fork feet!!

Marisa@Getting Back To Basics said...

Tilling already! Where we are in the valley we're still waiting for the last of the snow to go...but it won't be long now.

Heather said...

My parents had (and possibly still have tucked away somewhere ) one of those weather houses too. How fun to see it as it has been many years and I'd forgotten about it.