Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring and Earth Hour

It looks like Spring out there, smells like Spring but sure doesn't feel like Spring these days. We've been in some sort of cold spell since late last week. The forecast for the next few days is for higher temps; yes please. Nope, this is not a beaver's den. It's the pile of twigs getting bigger and bigger by the day. I've mentioned here before that I love ''pick-up stix'' after the snow has melted and we sure have been picking many, many, twigs lately. If ever this wind can calm down we'll make a fire in the pit.
When we got home from work, Dave and I changed in our yard-working clothes and headed outside to keep an eye on the chickens. We've been letting them free-range but we stay outside with them.
Saturday evening at 8:30 pm it was lights out in this household to celebrate Earth Hour 2011. I was home alone so I sat on my Zafu pillow and meditated for the hour.

Snow storm in the forecast for Saturday !


JoyceAnn said...

We've had another cold spell and it's been raining every other day for a week or so. I've been adding sticks/twigs to the firepit too.

Once again I missed earth hour , Curious J was with us Saturday night and we were creating " Funky Junk " people from recycled materials. I guess that's a good way to spend " Earth Hour " :)

~ Blessings ~

Colleen said...

We played board games and card games together for the earth hour!