Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life is good

Hard to believe the two day old baby chick in the first picture is now one of these. The six girls are all well and healthy after surviving their first winter. They sure are happy to be outside after four cold months spent mostly inside the coop. Later I will spring-clean their coop - dust cobwebs, paint floor and walls, remove four of the six nesting boxes (because all six lay their eggs in the same box anyways) making more room to roam around, cleans windows. I've ordered a 22 pound capacity feeder and an electric waterer (the heated part to be used next winter only). Our favorite electrician :-) will properly wire the coop with outlets and switches. This winter we were operating with an extension cord but we knew it would only be temporary.

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Colleen said...

ahhhhhhh, just look at that baby chick photo......sooooooooo cute!!! and now they are such beautiful girls!!!