Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, they had snow

Dave and I got back tonight from a nice weekend visit with Ginette and André in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Three months since I had last seen her in person was a bit of a stretch for me so off we went to visit.
I finally got to taste raspberry cordial and I did'nt even have to travel to PEI to get it. And it taste as good as Anne of Green Gables says it does... delicious.
Fine organic teas were bought and consumed, delicious desserts eaten (thanks Gi), Mr. Puss cuddles, movies, shopping, farmers markets, conversations... all good !
Yes, they got A LOT of snow this winter. I did'nt take any pictures with my camera but we have some on Dave's phone that we need to download. It's unbelievable and they said half of it melted last week, so that was only half of what they had. Now that it's starting to melt... another problem, floading.
OK, I'm off to brew a nice cup of organic forever nuts.


Alli said...

Sounds like a fun visit! My parents are coming from ON for Easter! It will be nice to celebrate both of their birthdays while they are here! I have many plans for the market, tea buying, hitting the local yoga store, hiking and much more for their visit!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi Alli,
I have yet to go to the new market in Halifax. Dave has a few Saturdays off from playing music in the coming months so we are hoping to make a day trip to Halifax. I bet you are very much looking forward to seeing your parents.