Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frenchy's, herb rack and the Market

About a month ago I mentioned to Dave that a cool gift to have for Christmas next year would be a label maker so he took note of that. With only a few minutes to spare on my lunch break one day this week, I stopped in at Frenchy's and guess what I found...

... well, a labeller of course ! for $2.95 and it works. We bought a new printing ribbon and just like the ink cartridges for a printer, it costs half of what a brand new label machine would cost. I am so happy to have labels on my herb, spice, cosmetic bottles.

Speaking of herbs, here is my new herb drying rack in our newly painted kitchen. It's an antique wooden leaf-rake we found years ago at an antique store. The handle rotted off seeing that it's been laying in a wood pile outside for all these years. Voilà, an instant herb drying rack.

Dave and I went to a special edition of the Yarmouth Farmers Market this morning. I needed to stock up on soap so seeing one of my favorite blogger, that just happens to make fabulous soaps was going to be there I knew I would come home with yummy smelling soap. Dave bought me this cute little frog on a lilypad painted rock.

Suppose to be another sunny day tomorrow. How is the super supreme full moon treating you tonight !!! Time for grounding and renewal.


sherrie said...

I can't believe you found a P-Touch at Frenchy's! Awesome. Do you have any pictures of your beautifully labelled jars? The drying rack is lovely; a friend of mine used a similar rake to dry her onions on. So pretty! And thanks for coming to the market! Enjoy the soap!

MargaretJ said...

Great Frenchy find! Excited about the new location for the Farmers' Martket in Yarmouth this year.

Colleen said...

that is so cool that you got yourself a label maker at frenchies after saying that you wanted one...hee hee

what a great idea for a drying rack. i love it.

i must order myself some of that soap!