Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby it's cold out there

As the day progressed it got overcast and the snow came down... again !!! After lunch Dave and I decided to bundle up and go for a strole on the beach.

En route to the beach - a small cabin along the river.

Lasted all but 5 minutes at the beach than I headed back in the car while Dave braved the cold winds to take a few landscape shots.
As I type this post, our little weather station says -10 (without wind chill); eek.
Hope everyone has a good start of the week and stay warm.


Shelby said...

Definitely you stay warm too! We have the same temps coming down here!

Kim said...

It was -21 without the wind here today. You can barely see that lil cabin for the snow.

You are braver than I - I only went out because Jarrod had a soccer game and that was in the car.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Vickie ~ Love the pics , but I'm not sure if they were worth braving the cold for (LOL).

~ Many Blessings ~