Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving slowly on a Sunday

It's hard to believe but January is almost over and done with... see, it wasn't that bad now was it. Let's see what February will bring us. One things for sure, we can expect more snow and cold winds.

We've had a gorgeous weekend so far. This morning Dave and I had breakfast than I did a few rounds of knitting than headed outside to let the chicks out in their run and take a few pictures from around the yard...

Last summer Dave found some old fence wire tangled in the grass out in the field. I made this authentic wreath.

The girls enjoy a few rays of sun. We keep an eye on them though because it's quite cold out there.

Whipped up a batch of hummus. Mmmmmmm.....

Dave and I might be hitting a few Frenchy's this afternoon. I haven't posted any fabulous finds in a long time.
Dave working on his latest piece - folk art dogs. I love folk art, it's probably the rustic look of it.


Shelby said...

I LOVE that photo of the ice! Beautiful! Of course, I love all your photos...that one is just my fav. ;)

Colleen said...

I love seeing pics of your chickens; they are sooooo pretty!!

Mmmmmmmmmm hummus!

Does Dave still post pics of his paintings?? what is the website?